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Best Exercises For Ultimate Calorie Destruction

Are you looking to add more exercise to your daily regimen? If so it is a good idea to look at those exercises that will help you deplete more calories out of your body and get the complete workout that you want and need. there are many awesome exercises that both men and women can do, and should. Take a look as we outline some of the top exercises that can be done to eliminate those calories that cause the extra pounds and help you lose fat. *Click the images to enlarge* Squats Squats are very popular because they are effective and because they do not require any extra tools or equipment to do. And, they can be done anywhere, anytime, working your legs and mid-section wonderfully. There are many varieties that you can add to your squat to get even more out of it. They are full body exercises as as we understand, the more groups being used, the more calories you will burn. Squats are also known to help ease lower back pain and help with people suffering from Lower Crossed Syndrome (bad lower body posture). Try doing three sets of 15 reps. Running Running is another quick calorie burner that doesn’t require that you have a lot of equipment to perform. Running up stairs can provide you with the most benefits if you do not own a treadmill.  Running can help you burn as many as 860 calories in a single hour, for the average 130-pound person. Known to be one of the most effective ways of moving, running can help with cardiovascular endurance while helping you get out that need to go fast. Plank The Plank is an exercise that most people have performed at least one time. And, it is one of those exercises that should be performed on a regular basis. It provides a total body workout,  working muscles in the upper body, the lower body and in the core. Your body will have better alignment when planks are performed and that is just the start of the many exercises that you can do. There are many different ways that a plank can be  performed. The simple version is best for beginners. Lunge Lunges are also great at helping those who want to quickly deplete calories from their body. And, lunges help develop strong muscles that provide you with better balance and so much more. You can use just body weight to perform the lunge, and nothing else. Lunges require all the muscles in your legs to be used on conjunction with each other to ensure propoer movement and will most likely make you sore the following day. Lunges should be done in sets of 20 each day. Push-Up Push-ups help build great upper body strength and burn a lot of calories at the same time. Men and women both can do a pushup and receive the same awesome benefits. Being a sign of true upper body strength, push-ups will allow you to gain […]