Check out this video: Channel 4 – Cold Turkey – Heroin Addiction Documentary 2001

Directed by Leo Regan and originally televised in 2001, ‘Cold Turkey’ tells the story of Lanre Fehintola a photojournalist who experimented with heroin whilst working on a book featuring drug addicts. ‘Cold Turkey’ tells the story of Lanre a year after Regan’s original documentary ‘Don’t Get High on Your Own Supply’ which followed Lanre after five years of addiction.

Larne is plunged back into heroin addiction and Regan’s film ‘Cold Turkey’ follows Larne’s desperate bid to kick his heroin addiction through cold turkey.

This programme presents the unique dynamic between the film maker and his subject and raises questions regarding friendship, reflexivity; ethnography and impartiality. It also serves to present the vast physiological and psychological difficulties encountered with heroin addiction and withdrawal.

Lanre’s website:

Lanre’s book:

Observer Newspaper article 20 / 05 / 2001:

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24 Responses to “Addiction”

  1. skyzoophone says:

    when you mixed one day methadone and then 3 days heroin, then back methadone or what ever other pain opiace, withdraw will last at least 1 month,.And after pain is gone, you will thinking of getting high very strongly for an other 3, 6 month. And the rest of your life you will be an injured person. SO PEOPLE BE SMART AND THINK 100 TIMES BEFOR TASTING IT, DON’T MESS WITH OPIACE OR COCAIN THER IS NO REALY RECOVER OF IT. THE REST IS JUST DRAMA BULLSHIT.

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  3. sgtdemanda says:

    What they fail to focus on is when he made the absolutely idiotic decision to do heroin he not only messed up his OWN life, but THAT OF HIS SON. His son needed a FATHER, not a junkie he couldn’t trust or rely on. Lanre made a VERY SELFISH and STUPID decision based on his own curiousity. What a stupid thing to ruin your life and the lives of you loved ones for. You don’t need to do drugs to see the effects. Just look around you.

  4. SeanMurphyMr says:

    Will.I.Am is a good friend

  5. bishplis says:

    youre the idiot thinking shooting yourself would kill you…

  6. 0undefinedvideos0 says:

    Well said.

  7. ABRAW H says:

    That’s why no person should ever try drugs – for fear of becoming in bondage to drugs. The Illuminati are having a great big laugh at us addicts. That was their goal – to make people worthless and without hope & goals.

  8. ABRAW H says:

    The Illuminati are funding the drugs and the ones responsible for heroin distribution. They’re after our brains. Addicts can’t stop unless they really want it bad enough. God is the only one who can see an addict free.

  9. Eric Steele says:

    now that is a man who fully commits to a project,not many writers/journalists would have the guts to walk in the shoes of the people they write about

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  11. Brian Swanton says:

    after battling addiction for a mixed up 21 years this person isnt ready to overcome his addiction, he aint bothered hes happy to live is life with drugs you cant help a person who wont help themselves, i openly admit that drugs are good the feeling you get is nice!!! what isnt nice is the shit what comes with the drugs, health, relationships, prison, trust, belongings, the list is endless so be safe and stay well away i wish this man luck in his recovery……

  12. mslittlebigalex says:


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  14. mslittlebigalex says:

    It’s hard as hell to get clean,and even harder to stay clean!

  15. ratcat17 says:

    I have tried so hard to get off Suboxone which is harder than Heroin because it goes on for weeks but I took 1/4 th of a Xanax and it was pure heaven. That’s a quarter of a Xanax tab before I went to bed, next day I felt fine. and I have tried everything for Subutex and Suboxone withdrawal. I’m not a pusher or work for any company this is just the truth maybe they don’t tell you about Xanax because they think you will become addicted.

  16. knopfler720 says:

    No, bishplis, you’re the idiot. You’re obviously defending this junkie wonderment. You must be one yourself? Good luck at the needle exchange today.

  17. bishplis says:

    no youre the idiot

    nice logic 5 year old

  18. Feelinz Funaki says:

    diz fucka gt wat he want hhhhh

  19. aansteker says:

    He got good friends, to bad the devil was his best friend.

  20. Rebecca Jones says:

    25.00 take your pain and shut the fuck up about it lol tough love

  21. Beau Truex says:

    Best just to stay away, as hard as that may be for some people.

  22. linclinc5 says:

    Why do they bother with him after day 3 when he was so obviously using heroin again, it was obvious from his demeanour he was out of it. Oh, he’s just admitted it now, I’m typing while I’m writing. Addicts are the biggest liars but cold turkey really is quite dangerous and he should be using something to alleviate the pain – could bring on a heart attack

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  24. define .my life says:

    you can’t do heroin!! lets go to the pub, we can’t fix him.

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