food addiction treatment

food addiction treatment

Check out this video: Food and Addiction:Treating through Emotional Brain Training

UCSF’s Laurel Mellin is the founder of emotional brain training (EBT), a method of treating obesity and stress symptoms that equips individuals with tools based on an integration of neuroscience and developmental theory to decrease the frequency and duration of the stress response and to favor high-level well-being. Emotional brain training has been applied to pediatric obesity prevention and treatment and to adults to improve psychological, metabolic and physical contributors to stress and a range of health-related indices. Series: Food and Addiction: Environmental, Psychological and Biological Perspectives [5/2010] [Health and Medicine] [Professional Medical Education] [Show ID: 18565]

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  1. Plea4change says:

    I used this method in its early stages to overcome the emotional grief surrounding the death of my child. Its very clear that Professor Mellin with the help of others has developed things further. For once their is a complete theory on how to handle addiction and compulsive behaviors!!

  2. vercorb says:

    Hey, all we need is live an active lifestyle. Everything else will follow I guess.

  3. davidjd123 says:

    awesome .

  4. menunki says:

    This is some good stuff.

  5. Jaina Bhabhera says:

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  6. John Catha says:

    KT C

  7. Nae2588 says:

    I guess, then again its where people put their minds, and how they want to think. don’t no one make another do something they don’t want’

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