food addiction

food addiction

Check out this video: Australia’s fast food addiction

Families are on a fast food frenzy driving a multi-billion dollar increase in how much we spend on takeaways every year, which has health authorities worried.

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  1. David Vong says:

    Love kfc lol

  2. Amy Moorcroft says:

    From mcdonalds(uk) i have chicken selects medium chip and a coke and i have that once a week :/ and i thought that was reallllyyyyy bad! X

  3. cc10121492 says:

    Being low income has nothing to do with eating junk food! It would be cheaper for them to buy rice and potatoes at the grocery store. Fast food restaurants add the cost of labor to their prices.

  4. CyrusDGabriel says:

    this is funny.. no wonder why shes fat lol KFC all the way

  5. CyrusDGabriel says:

    it cost more to buy junk food.. 5 dollors for a burger,, for each when you can buy 5 dollors of chicken thighs for 4 people lol and buy rice a kilo for 5 bucks.. thats 10 dollors spent

  6. kylem1112 says:

    Oh wow, and other countries give america a bad rep for fastfood….. most people cook their food here. on average we only have fastfood every once in a while, if not at all. I’m american and iv’e never eaten fast food 5 nights a week as dinner. that’s just fucking disgusting.

  7. Alana Salvador says:

    Eating junk food does not cause bulimia… The people they interviewed need to be educated -_-

  8. anne smith says:

    how the fuck do they afford to eat junk all the time??

  9. Gerardo Linares says:

    Have to pay for the water you use in cooking and cleaning your plates, the gas and electricity it takes to cook, and the cost of food. Its not enough to say that it is cheaper to eat at home, because if you want to eat healthy, it gets to be expensive.

  10. realerik123 says:

    What healthy food? Isnt all of the food GMO?

  11. realerik123 says:

    @dirtjumper512 im pretty sure you can buy lean beef an 8 peice for 5 and a big ass bag of rice for 5…there you go ,feed the family for 10 bucks or even less for that matter

  12. ColouredPixels says:

    that whole family is skinny tho, lucky them

  13. alissadaniels9 says:

    Its there choice stop trying to control people….

  14. Michael Jay says:

    4:50 “I’m a junk food addict” hence why you have terrible skin, look 15 years older than your age and went into hospital. No sympathy

  15. Cbarns88 says:

    “it’s healthy. It’s healthy in small quantities.” wow. 

  16. GhettoPimpBundy says:

    None of these people are fat…yet…

  17. Obliviouz Alice says:

    And I feel bad if I have fast food 2 times a week. D:

  18. easuter says:

    “[KFC] It’s healthy”


  19. Erin Patton says:

    I could never eat fast food even two times a week that would make me sick

  20. Adelita Rivera says:

    Ewwww man I tgought Americans eat to much fast food.Australia got us beat lol…I love homemade food.

  21. Adelita Rivera says:

    Eating healthy is not expensive people really stupit lol. When you end up in the hospital sick or you die from high cholesterol. Then u tell me what’s more expensive you life or bying some fruits anx vege…people just lazy to cook.

  22. dare2eatcandy says:

    Stop eating that crap, it shortens your life span and reduces your qualify of life.

  23. nickkord says:

    Sad fact of life is that the vast majority of people are morons and this girl is one of them. Unfortunately she has bred.

  24. Robertson Reupana says:

    she look filth 

  25. stronzo5000 says:

    … this!

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