food addicts anonymous

food addicts anonymous

Check out this video: One Man’s Struggle to Overcome Food Addiction – Where Are They Now – Oprah Winfrey Network

When Oprah first met Josh, a 24-year-old man who once weighed 547 pounds, he’d lost almost half his body weight. Before addressing his food addiction and coming out as a gay man, Josh said, he was literally eating himself to death. Has Josh kept the weight off? Find out now.

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8 Responses to “food addicts anonymous”

  1. AjeeDaPoet says:

    There is no doubt that God loves him with and everlasting love…

  2. Rose Ellen Womersley says:


  3. RoxyJet92 says:


  4. MichaelRobin727 says:

    he looks like tubby emu

  5. Katie Haines says:

    And that is how I personally overcame my food addiction for GOOD, by living for God! I hope this man finds that same freedom in Christ <3

  6. andyshoeburgerv2 says:

    Lol dam those cheesesburgers called out to him

  7. alonzo9772 says:

    Oh please, to people making fun of him for adding back the weight; you have to understand that all addictions have relapses. The same way a meth addict can be clean for a year then go back to using it. Addiction recovery is a trial and error process.

  8. reciprokal says:

    I am (luckily) not a food addict. However, anyone that doesn’t think food is a real addiction hasn’t listened to the stories of food addicts. Same story, different addiction.

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