Check out this video: Intervention CANADA || S01 E11 – Cassandra – Anorexia/Bulimia

This is the 11th episode of Intervention Canada Season 1. Cassandra is from the Greater Toronto area. She suffers from Bulimia.

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22 Responses to “Anorexia”

  1. catherinewheels11 says:

    She reminds me of Leighton Meester. Intervention really is a reality check

  2. Rockin Robyn says:

    Since i was 10 mother started calling me fat. In 7th grade i wasnt 100lbs. but no matter how little i was im fat were words other family even started saying to me. I was always anorexic or bulimic. Now aftr pain meds ive lost skinny me, n am fat. I now am overweight big (200lbs) time, n the battle never ends mentally. I will get the weight off n hopefully do it the right way, but seems the wrong way is faster n easier. Congrats Cassandra!!!

  3. Khaled Alsaqqa says:

    Y, E, S.

  4. ParisianPrincess says:

    I just dont understand these “ultimatums” delivered in the interventions – if my family did that I’d cut all ties with them for trying to manipulate me…

  5. acefireburst says:

    Mitch looks like he stinks.

  6. TheAmandaDestinie says:

    honest to god she looks so much prettier now that she’s recovering

  7. Clara Wright says:


  8. Clara Wright says:


  9. columbineiscool says:

    Mitch looks like my friend

  10. chloelinden says:

    she looks so much like leighton meester! shes so pretty!!! kudos to her

  11. Michelle Karp says:

    I went to treat with her

  12. Growndweller says:

    She’s a beautiful girl and that is one hell of a good interventionist. Kudos to her!

  13. Growndweller says:

    I totally get you. The wrong way for me seems easier too, at least in terms of quieting the hateful voices inside. I’m sorry you’ve gone through all that. My mother has been calling me fat too, for years. Both my parents actually despise fat people. I binge & purge & I’m fat. I think we need to be easier on ourselves & understand our opinions of ourselves matter more than our parents’. Really. No parental love can replace lost self love. I’m starting to realise that & not care what they think.

  14. kiwwwwy says:

    she definitely needed this, ’cause she was really sick, but her big sister is also unhealthy being that heavy…she should change her diet aswell..that also leads to all sorts of health problems.

  15. Laura Marie says:

    This Mitch pisses me off -.-

  16. Laichelle Fuller says:

    this literally made me cry.. she is my new inspiration… I have bulimia too and to see that she could survive and recover gave me true hope for life. I needed to see that really badly.. thank you!

  17. LadyBludgeon says:

    Mitch appears sick himself. :( I think inside he is dying or hurt too. Did Mitch also received an intervention? I don’t know why others hate him so. He is just being honest with his comment of , “There is nothing I can do.” He is being sincere and honest. Again, it seems he needs help too if he is living there… where is his family? :~(

  18. weepingwillows21 says:

    “eating disorders carry a risk of mental illness?” an ED is a mental illness.

  19. Eli Winter says:

    :-) That’s pretty much all I have to say. Such a loving family.

  20. putthanakon says:

    Why was she bad to her mother really? The way she talked to her mother is so terrible. Why didn’t she know her mother loves her very much?

  21. parrottfamily3 says:

    The final episode is blocked. :(

  22. Pixel Polygon says:

    It’s blocked in certain countries…and sadly there is nothing I can do about that.

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