anorexia facts

anorexia facts

Check out this video: Anorexia: The facts

The facts about anorexia,
Anorexia is an illness than over a million people suffer with just in the UK.
If you need to talk, inbox me.
Stay strong you’re beautiful.

25 Responses to “anorexia facts”

  1. Peshuga de posho says:

    I don’t have anorexia

    but I do want to be thinner

    Like 30 kgs less

  2. Kymberly Bravo says:

    I’m 12, and I way a little more than that. Ur not fat -.-

  3. leticiahuerta72 says:

    I have that illness help me please

  4. QuickSliverPro says:

    What about the guys that have eating disorders…

  5. BloodyMugler says:

    The day I walked into seventh grade I had no idea what anorexia was , until we had a reading unit about it . Sure lets have a class full of 12 year old girls look at pictures of girls starving themselves . I may have been the only one that walked out hating myself . So it was school that started my eating disorder :/

  6. RushingMarlene says:

    What id the name of the sing.?

  7. Isabel Whitney says:

    evrey day my friends call me fat so i choose not to eat the reat of the day andthe day ater that and this went on for 6 days i have lost about 20 pounds but im over weight a lot so my mom was thnking i was just eating better but i want eating at all

  8. Abbie frost says:

    Anorexic ruined my life . I had no friends because of this , I pushed away people who cared for me because of this . Im recovered now :) I realise people will love me no matter what size i am , people who judge me are not worth me starving myself for.

  9. NattyxXx90 says:

    ^Courage by Superchick. <3

  10. Strummyful says:

    Society told me im fat….society ruined my life…….SOCIETY RUINED OUR LIVES….

  11. Strummyful says:

    She has no butt o.O

  12. Lisa Mark says:

    She anorexic that’s what happens

  13. pongan11263 says:

    104 lbs is completely normal. I weigh 100 lbs and am also 14. :) Ask for some support and you’ll feel much better.

  14. Tea Salvatore says:

    im 13,5 and im starving myself..

  15. NlDavissim says:

    0:32 my health class teacher mr. richey said that the model is “not sexy” BEFORE he retired.

  16. ChronicDemonic6 says:

    Another whiny borderline slideshow with the same old rehashed images casually Googled off the net backed with equally unimpressive piano music.
    Get a fucking GRIP on your FUCKED UP LIVES BORDERLINES and quit hurting yourself, blaming everyone BUT yourself for your SELF INFLICTED DAMAGE and expecting us all to STAND AROUND AND WATCH YOU BLEED and feel sorry for you.
    Get a fucking grip.
    If you want to die do us all a favor. End it & quit polluting the internet.

  17. ChronicDemonic6 says:

    Anorexia like Alcoholism is NOT A DISEASE. It’s a collection of behaviors.
    YOU are in control of your behavior so quit tearing yourself down and blaming the media, supermodels, Barbie dolls, Mary Kate & Ashley, pull your head out of your narrow ass & get on with life.

  18. ChronicDemonic6 says:

    Borderlines don’t need hugs they need a kick in the ass & a serious reality check.

  19. AngelicOfDeath says:

    By interpreting the situation as a “society v/s victim” chemistry it robs the individual of necessary motivation to take responsibility for their own well being. Teaching anorexics to blame society for their self inflicted damage only perpetuates the behavior.

  20. Laura Bradley says:

    Your all entitled to your own option but please try not to judge people like me. You have no idea what it’s like, no anorexic wants people to interfere or try to make them “better” n

  21. Laura Bradley says:

    So why does the law have the right to section us just let us live our lives,

  22. Purple Masters says:

    i weigh about 200lb and im 5ft6 14 gosh im so fat compared to yall….

  23. Bailey Boehm says:

    What’s this song? I would be very greatful to know…

  24. Thebreepie6 says:

    courage by superchick

  25. Lyric Bradley says:

    5’3 98 lbs

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