anorexia statistics

anorexia statistics

Check out this video: Anorexia: Statistics

Here in the beginning, I present statistics about Anorexia Nervosa.

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  1. bigshrimpn says:

    I was just wondering since I am a raw vegan, does that classify me as anorexic? I’m 25/m and I’ve been 170 lbs for the past 8 years and never tried to lose any weight. Did it because I felt like a million times better after I stopped eating cooked food. I hope people can make the distinction between a raw food lifestyle and just not eating.

  2. eniwekwe says:

    thats definitely not the same thing. Clearly a healthy lifestyle choice and an eating disorder can be distinguished by any person who is properly informed.
    its important that I make these videos so that people DONT thik your lifestyle choice is a form of eating disorder. hopefully with a good grasp on the difference between the way you live and the dangerous way an anorexic lives, people will not classify you as “anorexic” as you most certainly are not. thanks for commenting. :o)

  3. bigshrimpn says:

    You are very informed. I like the way you handled my question and I appreciate your conviction on your quest to help other people.

  4. eniwekwe says:

    Thank you so much. It’s so rewarding doing this when I know people are paying attention and asking questions. Its nice to have the encouragement. I appreciate your kind words. thanks again. :o)

  5. Kara Gariglio says:

    wow, thank you so much i am saving all of your videos and one day i might show them to the people who just dont understand my explain it so well, thank you

  6. eniwekwe says:

    thank you so much. you’ve made the amount of uploading, filming, thinking and trying all worth it. thank you.

  7. caesune says:

    So the education continues. I am feelig more enlightened all the time. :)
    It’s good to see there are people willing to take the time to do something meaningful like this.

  8. eniwekwe says:

    well i think people who have had an eating disorder have an obligation to share their stories with others and share the knowledge. its the only way we can change things. :o)

  9. caesune says:

    And that is why I told you before that you are selfless and not selfish. ;)

  10. gemof51 says:

    Awesome beginning! That is our purpose…. to share our recoveries with other sufferers. Two thumbs up.

  11. bluesinkku says:

    Well isn’t this interesting and very informative. *subscribes* :D

  12. eniwekwe says:

    teehee thanks!

  13. eniwekwe says:

    thanks!! yay!!

  14. eniwekwe says:

    im sure there WILL be a time, Marie….where you can do what I’m doing. its not about will…its about admitting you have a problem and turning your will over to your higher power. once you can give your anorexia every day to whatever you believe in….it WILL get better.

  15. eniwekwe says:

    it sure is. *hugs* good luck with your friend.

  16. eniwekwe says:

    *hugs* you can do it!

  17. wearisrachel says:

    you’re awesome. you are so smart and well-spoken. i can tell that you are very educated on the subject. :)

  18. Dave Hooper says:

    Read Explaining colours to a blind man. Not only will it enlighten many as to what living with a mental illness and an eating disorder is like, it also gives comfort to those sufferers who think there is no hope and that they are alone. It is very informative, sometimes shocking but also very funny in parts. All in all, a good read and highly recommended.

  19. FadedWolfSpirit says:

    Thankyou for posting this! I know its a few years later, but there is still major lack of statistics sadly. Best wishes.

  20. Taras Pitsyuk says:

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