anorexia symptoms

anorexia symptoms

Check out this video: Eating Disorders Help: Anorexia Symptoms

It is hard to help and support someone who is struggling with eating disorders if you don’t recognize an eating disorder when you see one! With this list, you can be more casually aware of your children’s, your neighbor’s, your children’s friends, or even your OWN thoughts and habits! Information is power. Power conquers fear. Conquering fear breeds courage. Courage brings change. Change can be a breath of fresh air!

6 Responses to “anorexia symptoms”

  1. Matilda McLaughlin says:

    you a doctor email plz x

  2. kelliraes says:

    Thank you for this video… I have just found out my 14 year old daughter is anorexic/ bulimic.. my entire family is scared and lost. We have been taking her to the doctor and she starts therapy next week. I can’t believe the things you are saying. Its just like my daughter.

  3. Nancy Hopkin says:

    There is a lot of hope for recovery–don’t give up! I would love to have you join us on the facebook page. The address is listed in the channel information. Lots of discussion from victims of ED. All comments welcome! How is she doing? How are YOU doing?

  4. Nancy Hopkin says:

    I am not a doctor, Matilda, but I am a mother with a recovered, happily successful daughter who has been out of treatment for 11 years.

  5. lexie styles says:

    I’ve been eating my food one section at a time all my life…

  6. Luna Rain says:

    My husband eats his foods once at a time. Lol And he isn’t anorexic.

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