binge eating disorder

binge eating disorder

Check out this video: Eating Disorders – Binge Eating

Our program has previously investigated the eating disorders of anorexia and bulimia. On this episode of OPEN FORUM we’re taking a close look at the newly recognized eating disorder: binge eating disorder. Many may be surprised to learn that binge eating affects several million Americans.

Many may be surprised to learn that binge eating is a compulsive behavior disorder that affects several million Americans. With the proper therapy, work and mindset, suffers can over-come the psychological problems that caused the eating disorder in the first place. Then, food can regain its rightful place as a satisfying and healthy part of living.

We’ll introduce you to some knowledgeable experts who will help explain this mysterious disorder and we met with a survivor who will give a first-hand account of this disease.
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8 Responses to “binge eating disorder”

  1. Lina Sanchez says:

    This just sounds like my bulimia, without the purge.

  2. StarChildFunk says:

    you okay? bulemia is a dangerous illness, please seek help soon…:)

  3. Deska iliev says:

    az s1m dobre ti dobrali si ?

  4. Sadyechester says:

    Yay!! Im really happy to see binge eating disorder to be more recognized. :) I am a survivor of Binge Eating Disorder.

  5. squishyapplepie91 says:

    16:13 ~ . Exactly. That should be spread more.

  6. Bushra Zafreen Amin says:

    Oh, I guess they did realize after all.

  7. Lacey Rose says:

    Also, I was never on a strict diet to lose weight…so there goes that theory that BED is always related to strict dieting.

  8. KaeSun1 says:

    What about when it no longer becomes a response to any emotion? I have been trying to analyze my compulsive overeating habit….I feel like I’m not in my own body when I think about food. I could be doing other things and unconsciously keep reaching for food. I could even be writing about my food diary and keep shoving food in my mouth. I feel like a robot. 

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