binge eating help

binge eating help

Check out this video: Binge Eating Help: How to stop compulsive eating – Step 1 of Hunger Directed Eating

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How to stop binge eating by releasing restriction. This is step 1: Eat when you feel physically hungry. Compulsive eating is soothed when we release external rules and get back to gently responding to our body’s signals of when what and how much to eat. Enjoy!

We cove the first step of Hunger Directed Eating (similar to Intuitive Eating) “Eat when you feel physically hungry”
+ how can I tell if I’m physically hungry
+ how to tell the difference between real hunger and fake hunger
+ how to use “the hunger tool”
+ we address the 2 concerns that pop up around this topic

24 Responses to “binge eating help”

  1. Marina Voloshin says:

    you nailed my problem that no psychologist could explain. keep up the amazing work

  2. newlifetoday says:

    I bought your audio book, I remember when you had all your videos on youtube…I do miss the videos audio-visual is much more interactive than audio alone but I know free videos don’t pay the bills

  3. valhalla914 says:

    I watched your videos and agree with everything you say about eating and reasons for eating. My problem is my 16 year old, 300lb son. He has been to therapists, obesity doctors, etc. He has several compulsive issues: eating, lying, and stealing. All his issues stem from emotional problems, but knowing that doesn’t help him learn how to handle his emotions, or express them properly. Do you have any ideas for helping guys with emotionally constipated eating issues? All food is locked up now.

  4. Jasmine Lamb says:

    In response to valhalla914, iam 13 and i have Aspergus and i compulsivly lie and steal food and store it in my room, i starve myself and then i get hungry and binge really bad. Maybe seeing a dr about looking at his emotional problems, does he get bullied? (i do) i get so wound up and then i eat and eat. I dont want to offend or anything by the way, i just wanna help. :)

  5. tuiteameesta says:

    I just ate a sandwich, pie and cookies I mean, I shouldn´t deprive myself right? I was hungrt, had all I wanted, now I feel satisfied, so I stoped . And I dont even feel guiltly about it, even though is quite late to be eating dinner, is this wrong?? please help!

  6. EyesofGeisha says:

    this video was great!! thank you :-) is there any way you can make future videos with better sound quality? there is a lot of white noise in this one, almost like a high pitched screeching, a bit distracting.

  7. Anna Lisa says:

    What do you actually think about cheat days?

  8. MrBaunyShoi says:

    I think my fake hunger is based on the feeling that I have nothing to look forward to and so I think fuck it might as well eat all of those chocolate and biscuits and then I feel stuffed and ill. I think to myself “why have I done this to my body?

  9. Karolina Skott says:

    I agree with the deprivational mentality. Always when I try to push my self to stop eating bread, meat, or whateve I feel like I’m packing up for future. So I think allowing yourself have anything if you hungry is the key. And in my experience if you really tune into your body with time you will get some good feedback and healthy cravings :)

  10. TheJessieb1994 says:

    I was just thinking about yummy foods like chocolate watching this. Whoever feels the same way like this comment. :)

  11. angelcarnivore says:

    This was so helpful! Thank you!! I’m trying to teach myself how to be healthily hungry before eating and this really is soothing. Today, my goal was to prolong the time until I ate til two (only eight more minutes!) because I ate right before sleep at 2am. Also because I’m working a night shift (6pm to midnight) so this should be about the right time for breaking that fast. Right now I’m starting to feel hungry, and you’re right, it’s sort of an airy in the middle soft feeling.

  12. Katarina Brezovnik says:

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  13. portuguesepierogi says:

    I bought your book! :)

  14. delfikoshka says:

    I suffer so much from binge eating and eating large portions… sometimes I sit and then I start to think about the crackers in the pantry, while feeling that my stomach is completely full, but still having the intense urge to just eat. those. crackers. RIGHT. NOW. in. huge. quantities! and it’s so hard to stop. Once I take one in my mouth, I end up eating almost all of the box… I can’t stop doing this with everything… I’ve gained 10 pounds this year. My life revolves around thoughts of food

  15. Olga Miljko says:

    Our relationship with food is so related to our relationships with people, its crazy how subconscious it is! “Walk around the kitchen, nibbling, can’t commit”. YOU GOT ME THERE :D

  16. barnaclehead11 says:

    I feel horrible after I binge I feel like I’m hurting my body and it makes me eat more.

  17. Zheran Li says:

    I just finished an intense diet and I get fake hunger all the time… How do I deal with it!??!?

  18. peace019860 says:

    your hot…

  19. huntersmama611 says:

    your channel gives ne clarity. i am extremly obese. and im considering gastric bypass. i really take get what you are saying. it just clicks.

  20. Erika Larsen says:

    You make so much sense to me!

  21. Anne Gislaine says:

    Hi Josie,
    I am an emotional eater too (unfortunately) and I have literally failed at every single weight loss attempt because of it. I recognized SO much of myself in your videos (I have watched all 6 of them). I’m trying to fight emotional eating as we speak and I document this on YouTube. I want to thank you for inspiring me and for the amazing tips. You’re awesome!

  22. Tina A says:

    I never feel hungry unless I’m stressed then I binge. What do I do?

  23. Nicole Carpenter says:

    Thank you for this video:) I really needed to hear this information.

  24. Max Warner says:

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