Check out this video: My story – bulimia

If you got any questions just write a comment or something. It’s a short video and I didn’t take all information in it.

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hah, I don’t know what to write .. :p

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  1. Vicki Mutlow says:

    I am 12. I have bulimia. But my parents have found out. Though they do not talk to me about it. I don’t know what to do. I want to carry on but I can’t at home. Recently I have started going to the toilets in the tesco next door. but I just don’t know what to do.

  2. Lizzy portman says:

    I am 15 right now, I have the same problem, I think…
    i was first called fat by my cousins and ever since then i have been trying to lose weight.
    at first i tried the “healthy” way, i exercised and ate less, but it didnt work, then i started to force myself throw up.
    i always feel upset, and i would eat a ton, feel disgusted of myself, then throw up.
    my mum found out and was really mad at me, she even threatened me that if i didn’t stop she would force me to drop out of school.
    what do i do ?

  3. mirna tinivini says:

    You are so perfect , believe me :) I hope you will be more happy one day and love youself because you are unique:)
    I wish that to all girls and boys who suffer from ED
    I know what you have been trough because I suffered from anorexia 3 years and from bulimia 1 year , I am better now, I guess, I am trying with my best to stay positive
    <3 lovely greetings <3 Lara

  4. jesusitox12 says:

    Bitch please I weight 102kg making the best diet.. 2 months ago I weighted 75kg what happened.. I got depressed and I’m thinking bout suicide..

  5. Mél issa says:

    Hi I’m french so sorry if my english is bad, this video is a bit old so I hope you’re feeling better, I just wanted to tell you that you’re beautiful and not fat at all! So do not worry about your weight and be happy :) ♥ Love from FranCe

  6. melaniepelaa says:

    girl , you can do it ! 3 just keep trying , you’ll get thru it . I’m 14 and fully recovered from bulimia and anorexia !

  7. sLoW-iZ- bRaNdO says:

    I have a fear of choking and I was on the edge of obesity and now…
    Im like80-85 lbs?

  8. Nur Afrina says:

    Same here

  9. silamf says:

    You are beautiful <3 please believe it and stay strong <3

  10. theresa cahill says:

    Your beautiful stay strong dont let anyone tell u anything think positive

  11. Yordana Mckinnon says:

    I’m actually 74kg, that is like REALLY FAT :/ i would die to have a body like yours.

  12. Isabella Katsiris says:

    You are beautiful how you are

  13. 1chip4you says:

    Your fat as fuck go die

  14. Alicia Thum says:

    i weigh like 60. Im fat and ugly. I want a body like yours…

  15. Alicia Thum says:


  16. HippieButterfly984 says:

    Honestly, people who tell others to die shouldn’t be giving orders of what they really feel that they want to do to themselves. At least when she lays her head down at night, she knows she’s a good person. You on the other hand, not so much. And the saddest part about this is that you will be too ignorant to even accept that you’re behavior is beyond disgusting. You’ll probably reply by calling me a name, telling me to shut up, or telling me to die. People like you are predictable. It’s sad.

  17. Ghaita Ben Deggoun says:

    You’re not fat ur pretty . I’m fatter than u and m happy . Skinny girls suck .

  18. Maye McLolly says:

    i used to think 100 is fat so i tried to stay under
    when i was 14 i was 5’5 and weighed 93.02lbs im better now

  19. Shelby Theis says:

    Im 106 pounds, well by now108 pounds. And I hate it. I can start to see my back bone but I still see a huge belly. My belly isnt flat. It’s bulgie. My arms r too small now but my stomach won’t be small.

  20. Nikola Pesic says:

    Song please ? xD

  21. erinrobinson1998 says:


  22. kithalt says:

    Lawl what a weak loser you must be.

  23. Emm Watson says:

    you think you are fat but you weigh 58 kg .. what about me that i’m 68 kg ?? you are slim i’m fat so be happy .. you have the perfect body .. i wish i was 58 kg =(

  24. gottalovefrance123 says:

    Live on

  25. Angelina Butts says:

    I weight 82 pounds I’m 11! Really hope you recover! God bless you

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