bulimia nervosa

bulimia nervosa

Check out this video: Anorexia/Bulimia Nervosa documentary

Psychology project by Janice Le and Sarah Huynh. A fictional documentary.

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  1. rotwiller13 says:

    Ya … It was really well done :)

  2. idek O.o says:

    Watched while eating a sandwhich.

  3. Beliver1023 says:


  4. Anjali Sharma says:

    you are so pretty!

  5. Grady Childs says:

    This isnt funny.. it seems like they were making a fake video to mock how shit goes down…. this shits real…. I should know….

  6. Grady Childs says:

    Never now I understand that this was for a school project…. forgive me… I’m just… yea sensitive to the subject seeing I have actually been anorexic and bulimic for 5 years….. so sorry girls….

  7. LoveLe says:

    i’m sorry that you struggle with such a thing. and no worries. i hope you get well. :)

  8. Bunnie Pham says:

    Not going to lie but i want to try the Bulimia. i tryed sticking my finger down my throat once to make myself puke to see if it actually works & nothing came out. but idk, i don’t even know where to hit..so i try to sit in the toilet to shit it out but it takes so long & gets so boring >.> 

  9. Bunnie Pham says:

    & omg, you guys are viet!!! me too O: *shocking* wen i saw the bloopers lool

  10. LoveLe says:

    lol viet pride girl!

  11. melbezindatrap77 says:

    @Bunnie plz dont try. I have ana and bulimia its not fun

  12. Millusz says:

    you work out after every meal but you dont eat? what meal?

  13. LoveLe says:

    You don’t have to eat the meal to establish that there’s been a meal served to you. Anyways, not like it’s real.

  14. Missyme2704 says:

    Bulimia is not something you “try”,It’s an illness….a symptom of a much bigger problem, and it manifests itself in many different ways before showing itself as an Eating disorder. You don’t wake up one morning and decide to be that way. There is nothing more ignorant or insulting than people who say they “want ” to be this way. It’s not a life choice or “cool” in any way shape or form. It’s absolute hell. You don’t choose it, it chooses you….and if it doesn’t, be very, very thankful

  15. ashiscooliguess says:

    I understand that this was a project, but it’s a bit inaccurate and cheesey and stereotypical. I don’t know I find it insulting.

  16. HippieButterfly984 says:

    I think this was done very well. You girls should be very proud of your hard work to contribute to awareness for E.D.s in our society. Often, it’s very over-looked and easy to miss.

  17. LoveLe says:

    Of course, it’s not meant to be insulting.
    We found that keeping the documentary basic and familiar to its audience was the best way to go. Do consider the time crunch and restrictions on meeting up.

  18. LoveLe says:

    Thanks HippieButterfly984. :) We really appreciate all the feedback.

  19. Michael Akira says:

    Thx guys you helped me understand something really meaningful

  20. Diana Belmonte says:

    This is fake

  21. mustache grace says:

    no shit it says it was a project

  22. Sizii Fue-goso says:

    why would you add a blooper on such a serious matter…

  23. Yottabee says:

    With any luck, you two will grow up someday. Yeah…this was a cheesy treatment of a very serious subject. You should feel ashamed of yourselves.

  24. Natalia Beaumont says:

    Fake these girls understanding nothing about bulimia.

  25. Ella L. says:

    this is so bad, so offensive. also, what bulimic shoves a fork down their throat?.. haha.

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