eating disorder help

eating disorder help

Check out this video: Eating Disorder Treatment and ‘Binge Food’ Addictions

Most of us don’t start out looking for ‘binge food’. In fact for many of us seeking effective eating disorder treatment, our binge food rituals START by starving ourselves. This CAN go on for a period of time, but not forever.

Eventually we WILL GIVE IN to eating, and usually by that point the ‘eating disorder mind’ is not on the prowl for a plate of fresh veggies or a juicy green apple.

Nope our ‘eating disorder binge foods’ of choice are almost always high fat, high sugar, high salt foods… and just like the old slogan for ‘Lays Potato Chips’ goes: Bet’cha Can’t Eat Just One!

Found out what MY OLD binge food faves were… and why sugar addiction IS a valiant enemy needing a stealthy plan of attack if you ever hope to win.

Effective eating disorder treatment happens in your mind, your environment, and on your spoon.

In this video I will teach you:
– WHY it is important to see the binge food I came from, to see where YOURS are taking you.
– WHAT binge food I LOVED to hate (this was ritualistic!)
– Reminders about the proof behind why refined table sugar is actually classified as a ‘drug’.
– What your emotions have to do with your binge food cravings.

Don’t delay, press play right now and empower yourself with effective eating disorder treatment strategies, and some of the ‘binge food’ information that set me FREE from my eating disorders evil control!


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25 Responses to “eating disorder help”

  1. zemoroza says:

    i feel and do the same… it sucks

  2. Lala-Lorelei Living says:

    I feel like we’re the same person…

  3. seoulchae says:

    i was wondering, when you stop bingeing and all, did you gain weight because you start eating healthily? i mean, i have eating disorder and i binge and purge.. i’m trying to stop but every time i look at the scale i kept gaining weight and it cause me to stop trying not to purge…

  4. Mega caffeineman says:

    i came here because you are gorgeous!

  5. Edward Sloan says:

    Hey! Thank you for this helpful video. By the way, I hear many people keep on talking about Bulimilorex Remedy (do a google search), but I’m not sure if it is good. Have you tried home remedy called Bulimilorex Remedy? I’ve heard some great things about it and my cousin completely cure her bulimia naturally with this remedy.

  6. miamiyake says:

    Bumped into your channell accidentaly as most ppl ;) don’t know why any other channels didn’t speak to me at all even i have been desperately looking for help. as you mentioned in ther video god sent you to me, and sent me to you. ill stay. thank you.

  7. cowandcatlady says:

    Best youtube video on here! Very true.

  8. Jess mysecretgarden says:

    OMG every food you held up literally! Checking out your site right now!

  9. Jess mysecretgarden says:

    And everything you said it’s so true.

  10. Cristina Pulido says:

    :( I binged yesterday I’m so afraid this keeps happening!! I don’t purge I just eat eat and never get full & yes is mostly all sweet things.

  11. TPJism says:

    I learned so much this is the 2nd video I watch I have addictive and unhealthy behavior with food and I am trying to understand what I ve been mindlessly doing for yrs and yrs sending you my love and gratitude

  12. Juliette Wagner says:

    I find this funny because a lot of the foods you pick i tend to avoid because they are difficult to completely throw up, candy and chocolate is very difficult to purge and i almost never “get it all back.” same with peanut butter, it’s too sticky to my stomach or something. I have eaten multiple cereal boxes though, and a lotttttt of ice cream, that is my one love

  13. shubham neupane says:

    If you are looking to burn up fat fast, you should do a google search “Lean Body Maximizer”. They can help you get the body you deserve.

  14. KariBaby8 says:

    Great video

  15. martin vester says:

    Hi, Great video, ive been looking for something that could help me stop binge eating, and really looks like you know what you talk about.
    All the things you describe i can relate to. I am really looking forward to stop focusing on food all the time.

  16. cbba18 says:

    Any guys on here? Am I the only one?

  17. cbba18 says:

    How the hell were you able to purge chocolate and candy!?

  18. claire t says:

    Hold on a second. You are saying addiction to sugar comes with withdrawal symptoms equal in severity to heroin or cocaine withdrawal? I do see how sugar is addictive but I don’t think that is fair comparison.
    You can DIE from heroin withdrawal. Sweating, muscle/joint pain, diarrhea, chills, emotional roller coaster. There is a reason people get medical attention to come off these drugs. Please re-consider your comparison.

  19. Sahej Sran says:

    same story of mine… u doing now? plz reply, thanks

  20. Shamey13 says:

    Sorry – obviously you are NOT addicted to sugar. It can kill you, in many different ways. Sugar is my heroin, my cocaine, my meth . . . .

  21. Aicha El says:

    Actually, an addiction to sugar does come with withdraws that mimic that of a chemical drug withdraw. Why? The answer is simply that it involves the same part of the brain.

  22. Dana Marie says:

    Actually you only feel like dying from heroin withdrawal but you can die from a heroin overdose…

  23. MyThinSecret says:

    Im going thru my own ED experience yet again in my life… I LOVE what you have done here Shan!!!! Amaizing! I have decided to blog my whole experience, see what revelations I come up wth my being honest in a blog about everything I am felling and experiencing… mythinsecretdiaryDOTblogspotDOTcoDOTuk

  24. MyThinSecret says:

    I simply decided to embrace the blog! Embrace the experience, and put it out there and see what happens. I love communicating. xx

  25. MyThinSecret says:

    PS- I think you will like my “Green POwer” soup recepe!

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