eating disorder recovery

eating disorder recovery

Check out this video: How I Recovered From My Eating Disorder

I describe what happened with dieticians, therapists and my meal plans :)

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  1. Super Brunett says:

    Emily, I find your videos so inspiring and really helpful. I’m currently struggling with and eating disorder and am getting help. Thank you for making these videos, please don’t stop!

  2. SoVeryLinda says:

    I’m in recovery right now. i find this really inspiring! thank you!

  3. Ariel Broyles says:

    This was really inspiring. I’m going through therapy for my eating disorder right now. Thank you for posting :)

    By the way, your accent is absolutely lovely

  4. AnorexiaRecovery Charlotte says:

    How far along recovery did you eat ‘bad foods':)? X

  5. Devver Dhil says:

    I Am Recovering But I Still Want To Lose 10 Kg So I Will Diet But Atleast I Will Eat .. Also I Have A Therapist Now And Hopefully I Can Be Normal
    I’ve Been Anorexic And Bulimic For 4 Years Im Turning 14 after a week and i dont want to stay like this

  6. Frances Andrews says:

    I am currently fighting anorexia binge purge type, and you have completely inspired me to keep going, I’m finding the weight gain so hard, for me its happened so fast and I’m slipping back into old habits of starving, but you have made me see the light again! Thankyou so much girl! Hugs x x x

  7. megan6199 says:

    I tried to recover then I failed. The first 3 days I increased my calories intake by 300 (700 calories everday) on the third day I got depressed and decided to go back to my old habits. :(

  8. Tilly Davenport says:

    Your mum sounds amazing in how she helped you. You look wonderful and I hope you continue to be strong in your recovery. Xx

  9. ZomgItsABanana says:

    almost the exact same thing as i was told, “you need to eat more carbohydrates” .. well, yeah, but i can’t! :P

  10. AnorexiaRecovery Charlotte says:

    I can’t tell you how much your channel and videos have helped me! They have advised me when I most needed it! You should be so proud of what you have achieved<3 got a lot of love and respect for you!<3 don’t ever stop making videos :’)<3 xxxxxxxx

  11. Boris Airay says:

    me too

  12. Stephanie Alice says:

    I’m in recovery too right now. Hope you’re staying strong, love<3

  13. rebecca robinson says:

    im starting tomorrow

  14. Colby Weatherspoon says:

    Hey Emily. I don’t know how to message people on youtube. Could you shoot me a message?

  15. Flamo353 says:

    Emily, how did your eating disorder start?

  16. Leslie Lynn says:

    This has nothing to do with EDs but you are so beautiful! I’m in love with your eyes.

  17. feast27 says:

    youre very pretty hope you are doing well!

  18. DaLa Du says:

    I´ve been in recovery for my bulimia for 3 months but I can´t stop my b/p cycle yet .. is it not working? am I do something wrnog? How long did ur recovery take?

  19. Jazzmine Gwatney says:

    I’ve only been “bulimic” for 2 months. I think it is EDNOS cause I haven’t had a huge binge before just purge anything I eat. I’m afraid that since i’m overweight (this is the scale and my bmi saying this not me) the doctors are going to dismiss me and not take me seriously. I told my counselor at the end of the year that I wasn’t eating and she looked at me and brushed it off. I figured since she wasn’t concerned I shouldn’t be either..I don’t feel like I deserve help.

  20. Tara Nolan says:

    kwashiorkor is protein deficiency

  21. Trina Silvers says:

    Go to –> :)

  22. aynn1000 says:

    I’ve looked at the eatopia website as well. Did You follow there plan and the minimums? I am already at healthy vmi but am still very deep into my ed, so scared to eat the minimums and gain more. Congrats on your recovery.

  23. Piero Bum says:

    pretty girl

  24. Caley House says:

    I can’t wait and Hope I get to the point you are at where you are grateful that you told your Mom.

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