eating disorder test

eating disorder test

Check out this video: VEINS COLLAPSING – BLOOD TEST:( (Ana/Anorexia/Bulimia/Eating Disorders)

NOTE – Nothing happy in this video to watch my apologies. Just a quick journal entry. I have included this latest blood test because one thing a lot of people don’t realise is that the more ‘sick’ you become (and dehydrated particularly in this case) with this illness, your veins will begin to start causing you grief. Ana is nothing to envy and this is a ‘wake up’ short vid for anyone even considering this hell.

Not much fun being jabbed 10 times at one pathology having several veins collapse as you sit their in pain, and to have the nurses not be able to get blood out of the only one they can get into, then to have to go to a second clinic and go through it all over again.

Finally got the blood at the second clinic/pathology after heat packs applied to get the blood flowing, smaller needle used and a two lovely nurses who I am truly thankful for just being supportive as I ended up in tears. Brought back memories of hospital earlier this year sadly as this happened for 2wks straight prior to and during admission:(.

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  1. Klaus Moch says:

    sorry Jess

  2. Rachel Christensen says:

    Oxoxox – your strong! Also remember the animals need you! I bet you’ve saved heaps (from certain death), now it’s time to save Jess! You can and will win this fight for life – it’s all there: just begging you to recover (which you will), its a long and painfull journey, but your so strong; you can walk the journey, just one step at a time! Take care: I don’t know you, but I really do care what happens to you, Ray

  3. Connie Murphy says:

    I’m so upset that you can’t get the help you need. I don’t understand your healthcare system. You clearly need help beating your ED. Do you have family Jess? Please talk to your therapist and don’t sugar coat what you are going through. You need proper treatment. It’s devastating watching you go through this despair without help. If you keep on doing what you always do, you get what you always got. You need to try something different. Much love and support to you x

  4. shadowfairy4ever says:

    i’m so sorry hunny. do you have family? :( wish you could come to the US

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