eating disorder treatment

eating disorder treatment

Check out this video: A typical day in the Eating Disorders Unit: Madi O’Dell’s story

Madi O’Dell, describes a typical day during treatment for bulimia in Children’s Hospital Colorado’s Eating Disorders Unit. Madi’s eating disorder developed when she was a freshman in high school. Today she’s a thriving college student who serves as an advocate for eating disorder treatment and recovery.

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  1. thinprincess87 says:

    How is madi doing now?

  2. ItsMeKelso says:

    1:00 she lolo she said its really colorful and has huge windows

  3. Elizabeth Murray says:

    You’re so fortunate to have a mother who cares and supports you and your treatment and private health it looks like. We don’t all have that and 25yrs later and still anorexic…anyhoo, goodluck on your recovery

  4. Madi O'Dell says:

    Hey guys! Madi here…I am doing great!! I am loving College and really thriving…I actually leave for Peru next week for a medical mission trip and am starting to get excited…soccer went really well last year for me and I am thrilled that pre-season starts in just a few short weeks!! I hope you all are doing well :)

  5. Zangpakto says:

    It’s a psychiatric disorder… If you just took random things and it “worked” you did not have Bulimia, you likely just pretended or thought that because you purged every so often you must have it.

    Were you officially diagnosed… By a psychologist or psychiatrist?

  6. Gabriela CalizayaC says:

    Wow! You’re in Peru! I’m from Peru! You’re very brave :)

  7. indysk8r32 says:

    @Madi O’Dell thank you for being so courageous and thoughtful to share your experience during your time there!! I have never personally gone though and ED but being a young American girl I certainly feel the pressure to look a certain way. So I just wanted to say thank you and have an amazing time in Peru unless you’re back already in which case I hope you had an awesome time :)

  8. Madi O'Dell says:

    Yes I was diagnosed by multiple psychologists and a psychiatrist so I actually was diagnosed with an eating disorder

  9. Madi O'Dell says:

    Doing good on the eating end of things. It’s not even a problem here at school anymore, which is amazing and freeing

  10. Madi O'Dell says:

    Peru was amazing and I want to be back there so bad! I plan to do the same thing in the future :)

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