eating disorders in children

eating disorders in children

Check out this video: I’m a boy-anorexic

Simon who featured in this documentary has a video blog on anorexia, check it out:-

It isn’t just girls who are affected by eating disorders – boys can develop them too, but their symptoms are often overlooked.

This touching documentary follows three boys searching for answers as they battle anorexia

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  1. reven676 says:

    If you can tolerate “Greasy” food then you can tolerate “normal” food. Nothing has calories and trans fat like some chips. Rhodes farm is medically sound and good place. I would go there if I suffered from the same ailment

  2. reven676 says:

    They’re trying to pack on the pounds because if he doesn’t get wait quickly he would be close to death

  3. MCRsavedme78 says:

    25:48 Is that a MCR shirt?

  4. reven676 says:

    Probably because it’d feel nicer on the feet. And it’d distribute the weight more evenly rather than a small surface area

  5. reven676 says:

    Their stomachs are weak from lack of food. They would be physically incapable of digesting red meat. They need softer, easier food

  6. JessieBearrXD says:

    Declan is kinda cute….

  7. Kirstenn Kerosene says:

    When Declan got his nails painted black i was like yeahhhh<333 And then Simon had on a My Chemical Romance shirt when he went to lunch with his dad <3 c:

  8. Kirstenn Kerosene says:

    AND THE ENDING SONG WAS WELCOME TO THE BLACK PARADE BY MCR <3 Umph, this was a great documentary.

  9. thinprincess87 says:

    Sad it’s blocked in the US

  10. brunetteforsure says:

    :/ yuppp Naomi.. but tbh I think she’s one of those girls that just is very very sick on her mind. she’ll stick to being anorexic :/

  11. Kathy Davis says:

    I have dedicated my channel to raising awareness for Suicide, self injury, eating disorders, depression, and abusive relationships. Please check it out. You are not alone!

  12. Emma Jennings says:

    MCR is playing <3

  13. HikariYagami94 says:

    when does she appear? can’t spot her

  14. HikariYagami94 says:

    well, yeah, ist because they nead to gain a lot

  15. TruthRealityForce says:

    If you want to see life as it truly is without any illusion from the mind, google truth contest and read the Present.

  16. monny287 says:

    I’m not sure I agree with some of the principles of this clinic. Saying children have to gain X amount of weight or lose privileges? That’s cruel. You cannot control how much weight you gain, especially when you don’t have that much control over your food. Warren talked of force-feeding himself to reach his goal weight because he was burning so many calories naturally. That’s not healthy, either. Ignoring hungry/full cues is what leads to other weight problems.

  17. monny287 says:

    And what is up with the food in this clinic? I understand that fatty, greasy, processed food is good for gaining weight, but it’s not healthy nutritionally. And it’s not realistic for the outside world–you can’t eat fish and chips every day and not expect health consequences. It’s not teaching these children anything about nutrition and eating a healthy, balanced diet to be healthy and balanced.

  18. Sophie John says:

    Am i the only one who thinks declan looks abit like oli sykes as a child/teen?

  19. NasirU says:

    Do you have a degree in nutrition, dietetics, or psychology? No? Then shut the
    Hell up.

  20. Kiya Jones says:

    works for me

  21. monny287 says:

    I’m sorry, but it doesn’t take a degree in nutrition to tell you that heavily processed, greasy food is not helping a heart and liver already overtaxed by starvation. If they wanted fattening foods, that’s fine–there are plenty of healthy fattening foods. Nuts, red meat, whole milk, cheese, avacados, eggs, etc. And while some of those things are served, most of what I see no parent would feed their child every day. It seems like they’re cutting corners, financially and medically.

  22. Molly McDermott says:

    Rather than making the kids struggle with having to eat more food,they should replace some of their meals and snacks with Nutritionally complete compact medical drinks.They’re high energy and contain a high amount of calories within a small volume.The drink contains more of the needed, vital minerals and more nutrition that the organs need than the majority of the food they’re giving them

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