How Can I Stop Eating

How Can I Stop Eating

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how do i stop myself from eating

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Food bingeing..I know it sounds gross and disturbing, but it’s more common than you think. And you wonder how do i stop myself from eating?

Question: Have you ever came home and been so hungry you could have eaten a hole through the wall, and….well….that is exactly what you did? You just started eating everything in sight, it was like a bottomless pit that you couldn’t possibly fill up fast enough. You ended up eating so much you felt sick to your stomach and couldn’t peel your butt off the couch even if you wanted to. Yeah, that’s a little bingeing episode.

I struggled with bingeing for about two years.

My situation wasn’t just about being a ravenous fool, I was an emotional binger too, but that’s a whole other story. Anyway, I was in this viscous cycle of starving and bingeing, in addition to an exercising like a FREAK! Yeah, : / wasn’t the best chapter of my life. Good news though, look at me now, healthy, happy, radiating with energy, and here to show you how to do the same :).

You can read my entire story here.

So after looking back on that situation, I have pinpointed 3 things that you may be doing that can cause binging.

*how do i stop myself from eating*

Things That May Be Causing You To Binge

1. Not eating consistently
-“Saving” calories by skipping meals or snacks is a big no-no.
-The longer you go without eating, the higher the chance you will overeat.

2. Being too restrictive
-You do not need to eat vegetables all day to be “healthy.”
-It’s about balance.

3. “Perfectionism”
-It’s OKAY to give yourself indulgences every once in a while.
-If this is a problem for you, I am telling you, give yourself some chocolate cake (or insert your indulgence food here), completely free of guilt, seriously!
– Even makes some ummmm sounds….lol….really, no joke! You will enjoy it more, which means you will eat less, (well, you really don’t have to, but you get the idea) ;)

Applying all these will make you MUCH more likely to stay on track….trust me!

What do you think about this? What will you indulge in with complete pleasure? ; ) Leave a comment below.

Sending lot’s of love,


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21 Responses to “How Can I Stop Eating”

  1. jean compton says:

    Hey Nicole! What a great idea! I love your little cartoon/avatar. Some
    great tips too! XO Jean

  2. gilly906951 says:

    This was really helpful!!!! Thanks do much!

  3. Nichole Kellerman says:

    I am so glad you liked it :). Keep me posted oh your progress I want to
    hear about it!! xo

  4. ashleyparker370 says:

    I’m 16 do you have 3 meals a day and work out too? In in the morning I have
    like coco puffs and it contains a lot of calories I want to be skinny and
    have a good diet

  5. ashleyparker370 says:

    What should I do

  6. Janelle Hachey says:

    Thank you!!! I am at the opposite end where I literally am overweight and I
    am trying to lose weight, and rid myself of my over eating tendencies. You
    said some stuff I needed to hear.

  7. KMartha22 says:

    thanks for that! everything that you said is so true and I do it everyday!
    Time to stop stressing ;)

  8. Nichole Kellerman says:

    Start with looking in the mirror and saying I LOVE YOU to yourself Ashley :)

  9. Nichole Kellerman says:

    Glad you liked it Janelle, keep reaching for your goals. YOU CAN DO THIS!!

  10. Nichole Kellerman says:

    yes, and time to connect with your body – you’re a team

  11. Sakariye Jamac says:
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  13. hospitalcakewalk says:

    This was helpful! Thanks!

  14. calholli says:

    you should do porn… (wait, how old are you???)

  15. Nichole Kellerman says:

    Wondering – How Do I Stop Myself From Eating? WATCH THIS!

  16. Elle W. Addams says:

    Hi!Thank you for this video! I am 15 years old 160 cm tall and i have 60
    kg.I want to be fit,i am following your instructions but i do not see any
    results and i am not allowed to work out because i have problems whit my
    legs (chondromalacia patellae) and i think that without work out i wont get
    any fitter.Is it possible to lose weight without training? Than you for
    your time!

  17. Igor Sichava says:

    Hi! I’m Daniel.I did -35 lbs in 2 month.Open

  18. Jamil Rico says:

    Hi am jamil i cant stop eating at night

  19. Maya Hak says:

    Wow that is an amazing video. It was like you knew me or were listening in
    on my thoughts. I’m actually trying to maintain my weight now and I have a
    question: how do I keep the 20% from becoming 90%. I guess what I mean is
    how do I stop eating sweet treats at the right moment, at 20%, and not
    finishing the entire thing? I usually get a tiny amount so I wouldn’t go
    crazy, but sometimes someone else orders a huge amount and it’s all laying
    there. Thanks 

  20. Nichole Kellerman says:

    How to stop eating when you feel out of control – WATCH THIS VIDEO

  21. Debra Seiling says:

    This would help people feel less guilty if they allow themselves a
    occasional snack. Thanks! Debbie Seiling

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