How To Become Bulimic

How To Become Bulimic

Check out this video: The bulimia chronicles (how to be bulimic)

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8 Responses to “How To Become Bulimic”

  1. abbyest23 says:

    How about you get some help, instead of starting up again?

  2. gail killbear says:

    whats ur full name?

  3. erin strickland says:

    HEY LOVE I JUST ADDED YOU ON TUMBLR <333 <333 we should talk if you ever
    need too <33 ( Anorexia, bullimia, self harmer Totall fuck up )

  4. Christina Madden says:

    Hi i like your video! I am thinking about becoming bulimic! I want to know
    how to go about doing it! I have been trying lose weight with very little
    sucess i want to lose weight faster than what i am! My facebook account is
    christina madden i am a pre transgender female. But right now i am a male.
    I am anorexic restricting type with some purgeing through diet pills,
    diuretics and laxitives. But when i tried to make my vomit in 1997 it did
    not work! I had tried with my fingers and even tried usi

  5. Crystal Castillo says:

    can you make a full video on how to throw up.youll help out a lot of people
    who really need it trust me nice video!!! :)

  6. aprilsmith662 says:

    Crystal Castillo : … you can throw up by sticking a tooth brush down ur
    throat .. but don’t pull it out the first time u gag cuz u won’t throw up
    .. keep it in there untill u feel like ur actually gonna throw up

  7. Lauren Ross says:

    What the f*** are you doing do u know what suffering u go through its not
    just do it one and stop u kept going u people need to stop asking for help
    to start I’m an friend of some one who is bulimic and I’m crying so much so
    stop this bull shit and learn to love ur self for who u are bitch :.(!

  8. Lauren Ross says:

    And people who are helping are as much of a bitch as the rest of u
    plzzzzzzzzzzzz get some help

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