How To Not Eat

How To Not Eat

Check out this video: EAT THIS..NOT THAT..I lost 50 lbs!

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Simple and easy tips and tricks that helped me loose and keep off about 50 lbs! Simple food exchanges make a huge difference! Please rate and subscribe and let me know what you think! Have a freakin awesome day!!
brownie mix; fresh and easy,
yougurt: any grocery store low or non fat
peanut butter: stater brothers, fresh and easy, trader joes
organic chocolate: any whole foods store, fresh and easy
chocolate peanut butter: whole foods store, fresh and easy
protien and veggie shakes: whole foods store, grocery store
soy milk: whole foods store, anywhere milk is sold
veggie chips baked: henrys, trader joes, whole food store
plantain chips: grocery store produce section
vitamins: target, wlamart, whole foods store
salsa: trader joes, henrys, any whole foods or specialty foods store

25 Responses to “How To Not Eat”

  1. cjwsk12 says:

    you are beautiful!! congrats on your weight loss :) i LOVEEEEE chocolate
    too so its hard to resist :( i’ve lost 15lbs so far im gonna keep going

  2. Kaitlyn Nichole says:

    Can you get this stuff at any store

  3. kristie ville says:

    thanks for the recommendation you gave to us on your other video. i am
    going on a cruse and also sometime after will be getting married. i would
    like to lose 40 pounds so just started to follow that program. for sure
    other people can benefit from it so just copy and paste the link belowinto
    your browser. GOALSUMMER2013.INFO

  4. nayelischoice says:

    yes more please!! thank you so much!!

  5. Bathoric95 says:


  6. lakesha Nowlin says:

    i whont to loss weight my name is ivy benitez and im 11 years old and i
    wont to loss 80 ponds i dont whont to be fat eny more every summer im all
    was fat

  7. SheWantsTheD says:

    now add some weed to the brownies.

  8. FaithBetta says:

    Just a non-scam comment rolling through… (/).()

  9. Saba Bieber says:

    ur background ur dog is dying.. LOOL

  10. Yiyu Feng says:

    Instead of eating that chocolate peanut butter i ate it when I was losing
    weight and it has much less calories and fat than peanut butter

  11. Faith Emma says:

    I loooooooooooooooooved your Hair Color

  12. Rita Koirala says:

    This Vedio. Is cool

  13. Brandi Hickman says:

    thanks girl!

  14. itsmaylea says:

    I love veggie chips <3

  15. Riley Garcia says:

    Lisp ..

  16. christy moore says:


  17. LeahBeans3 says:

    Ohhh man Bolthouse smoothies are SO GOOD.

  18. BellaANDmelanie2013 says:

    Is not so much a lisp I think she is wearing invisalign to straighten her
    teeth instead of traditional braces

  19. vanessa hernandez says:

    She’s JUST like me friend Natalie and the hot salsa is ass kicking salsa
    not kick your ass salsa -.- My friend would do that .-.

  20. TheEvilways101 says:

    booo yaaahh!

  21. angela spielbusch says:

    Thia was an AWESOME VIDEO! THX

  22. MCAlleiKat says:

    Proud of You!!!!…Your sooo cute!! #HeartYa

  23. SparklicityNo6 says:

    …been going through all of the negative comments on here…had to laugh
    when I saw your reply. :) lol

  24. SparklicityNo6 says:

    THANK YOU!!!!

  25. SparklicityNo6 says:

    Thank you so much!!!!

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