How To Stop Eating Chocolate

How To Stop Eating Chocolate

Check out this video: Addiction To Chocolate: Help To Stop Eating Chocolate

Yes it is possible to overcome your addiction to chocolate, to stop eating so much chocolate, and NLP and hypnotherapy combine well to help you get your life, and diet, back under your control. The idea of someone being a chocoholic may sound amusing to some people, but if you are a chocolate addict, then it is not funny at all.
Addiction to chocolate is like any other addiction, and in extreme cases can even be life threatening. You werent born a chocoholic, though, you learned your addiction along the way, and what was learned can be unlearned.
Whilst some therapists delve into the past looking for the cause of the problem and deep hidden meanings, we dont. Yes, if you are suffering from anxiety and stress we help you deal with these issues, but basically we simply train your mind out of the addictive thoughts and into more thoughts of eating more healthily and more appropriately. So what we do is more a combination of education, training and reconditioning and we work very directly with you, and the results are often rapid and lasting.
If you need nutritional advice then go and see a nutritionist. Most of the people we see, however, are perfectly aware of what constitutes a good diet; they just havent been able to get into good eating habits. Often the person eats a perfectly reasonable diet apart from all the chocolate…
Getting over any addiction, including the addiction to chocolate, can be a truly liberating experience, and we have given help to countless men and women (it is not just women) through the years. Get in touch then, JustBeWell is a worldwide network of experienced practitioners based in the UK, the USA, Ireland, Australia and Canada.

25 Responses to “How To Stop Eating Chocolate”

  1. mastermaestro says:

    Every night I say I’m not going to eat chocolate the next day, yet the next
    day I eat around two bars which is making me really depressed. The only
    emotional reason I have to eat chocolate is because I’m overweight and get
    so unhappy and jealous when I see other guys strutting around with their
    fit bodies and there’s me with my love handles and belly. I’ve already lost
    4 stone over the last 2 years but something has been triggered over the
    last few months and I don’t know how to overcome it.

  2. Catherine Jackson says:

    I have been addicted to chocolate all my life, it seems. I know it, because
    I remember vividly my addiction to cigarrettes. During the day I have
    exactly the same kind of “craving” for chocolate, as I did for cigarrettes.
    I read it was related to a bacterial infection in the stomach lining?

  3. harry193276329 says:

    who would want to overcome chocolate

  4. JustBeWell says:

    @harry193276329 – Someone eating so much chocolate it puts their health at
    risk. Addiction to chocolate may seem amusing to the majority of us but it
    isnt funny for someone suffering from obesity or someone at risk of

  5. Chris Lupetti says:

    I am a bad chocolate addict. I have the cavities to prove it. I keep on
    sabotaging my work outs with chocolate! I hope you can help!

  6. roxetilla says:

    I know… I feel the same way… I try to do a lot of work out

  7. Bibbitybobbityboo44 says:

    I was eating chocolate while I watched this :) haha

  8. wolfrider910 says:

    @Bibbitybobbityboo44 same!!

  9. auroralaure2 says:

    @JustBeWell – I am one who is a perfect example. Growing up I used to eat
    as much chocolate as I wanted & had no issue. Later in life Doc told me I’m
    allergic to caffeine and it actually constricts my blood vessels. From
    being addicted I was younger, and still am, I need to overcome my addiction
    in order to save my life. I’ve smoked (menthol) for over 10 years and able
    to quit cold turkey, but chocolate I’m having a real issue with.

  10. RememberToday4ever says:

    I replaced chocolates and sweets with a cup full of Raisins, Sultanas, or
    pineapple chunks in pineapple juice. Worked for me Saved Money and Lost

  11. phoenixrb1 says:

    @auroralaure2 I empathize with you. I quit smoking methol cigarettes 3
    years ago cold turkey and it was easier than trying to quit eating
    chocolate. I’ve eating too much chocolate since I can remember. It’s a
    habit now, almost like a hobby I do on a daily basis. I am over weight and
    I hate it and I know my chocolate addiction is the problem. I know it’s
    effecting my health in many ways. ie: my memory, feeling fatigued,
    depression etc. I wish I knew how to rewire my brain to hate the stuff.

  12. VideoLogDotCom says:

    I’m not worry for my health worry about the money i’m spending

  13. TimewarpLabs says:

    eat / drink more dark chocolate/cocoa without lots of sugar

  14. Mel Vernis says:

    I eat chocolate at least every day :S

  15. Izzy Nova says:

    @SupHobagg ik how u feel.

  16. Izzy Nova says:

    @xXxIshSwaqqxXx i can do without the freaking sarcasm smartass.

  17. Tea23blabla says:

    I just ate the whole chocolate before this video

  18. Farah Alashqar says:

    me too muahahahha

  19. savedbygrace1972 says:

    Not possible for people like me, the only way is abstininence. I was on
    4-30 bars a day.

  20. kickinbackinOC says:

    Stop eating chocolate? Nobody likes a quitter! (hah hah) Ok, obese people,
    maybe they need some help cutting back.

  21. Klathmor says:

    My Gran is a chocoholic and she’s 85 years old still pretty fit and healthy

  22. DNAclan pc says:

    me to

  23. Jeffrey Dahmer says:

    lol sounds so stupid but i think this is a serious problem i have ate 300
    grams of chocolate today and yesterday please tell me that is normal

  24. theFashionbandit says:

    I need to stop being so addicted to chocolate, it’s so ba d

  25. 1Dtilltheend5 says:

    im eating chocolate and watching this

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