How To Stop Eating Sugar

How To Stop Eating Sugar

Check out this video: How to Quit Sugar – Learn how to beat your sugar cravings once and for all. Free video presentation and resources for yoga student, athletes, and health seekers.

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25 Responses to “How To Stop Eating Sugar”

  1. Amanda Stefanin says:

    this is awesome! =)

  2. alexGreen4ever says:

    I’m eating chocolate right now…

  3. Andronicus88 says:

    you’re an idiot

  4. Andronicus88 says:

    nice video, thank you

  5. Rider Libertas says:

    I don’t understand taking probiotics orally. Wouldn’t anything live just be
    destroyed by stomach acid anyway?

  6. Rafaz Noriega says:

    Great explanation, I loved it!

  7. DDubbs BK says:

    sugar withdrawals is a bitch!

  8. DDubbs BK says:

    and whole wheat bread have a higher glycemix index than white bread!! Do
    your research buddy!

  9. Lucas Rockwood says:

    @DLW0066 – that’s maybe true, but not always true. Some “whole wheat”
    breads are higher, some lower, average is so close it’s really a wash.

  10. Lucas Rockwood says:

    @Rider – yeah, it’s hotly debated, lots gets killed, but lots stays alive.
    Easiest way to think about it is thinking about any kind of ingested
    bacteria, they don’t all die in your stomach. The more scientific way (how
    doc’s do it) is you get a stool sample. It shows up. Now prebiotic foods
    are really important too so the bugs have something to eat…

  11. Neoglitch255 says:

    That’s sad.

  12. Joseph De Vito says:

    Thank you FROCK :) joseph

  13. Joseph De Vito says:

    I quit sugar for close to six months.. it was the healthiest I ever felt. I
    went back to it like a shuck joseph

  14. John Smith says:

    So true.

  15. Stephanie G says:

    The body can convert fat and protein into glucose there is no physiological
    need for carbohydrates(sugar). Fruit and some vegetables may contain
    important vitamins etc but you have to balance that with the fructose dose
    you are getting. Besides modern fruit is a hybrid of different strains.
    Wild apples for instance are extremely bitter and only a starving person
    would consider eating one.

  16. Stephanie G says:

    You need to be careful with fibre it isn’t the great thing it is made out
    to be. Dr Burkitt studied the health of natives in Africa and discovered
    that they had very low rates of cancer. He studied their diet and decided
    that it was high in fibre and this is what gave them protection. The
    natives immunity to cancer might have been caused by something else as
    fibre is being downgraded from near essential to something optional. The
    body has a lot of difficulty processing fibre.

  17. Stephanie G says:

    I ate too much(high fibre) coconut last week and suffered quite severe
    stomach cramps all through the night.

  18. nikChannel001 says:

    “how to quit sugar” is a ambiguous statement. you’re not qualified to be
    advising on this matter anyway. stick to yoga.

  19. Sarah Bauserman says:

    im eating sweet tarts

  20. bing bung says:

    your mother is ingesting sweat tards

  21. Sarah Bauserman says:

    she has a thyroid problem its not her fault

  22. brazurio says:

    Hi there, great video. I have a serious issue of sugar craving, especially
    late nights when I am about to go to sleep. Sometimes I cannot fall asleep
    with eating something sugary. I will try to follow your instructions and I
    hope to get out from this sugar cycles. Regarding to yogurt, which one you
    would recommend me to eat ? Thanks, V

  23. Malika Musawwir says:


  24. Rachel noneyabidness says:

    I would never be able to quit eating sugar. That’s ridiculous just cut down.

  25. Sweet Change says:

    Here is a great herbal product that can help with kicking that sugar habit
    its called sweet-change

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