How To Stop Eating

How To Stop Eating

Check out this video: How to Stop Overeating | Eating Disorders

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Learn how to stop overeating in this Howcast video about eating disorders.

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16 Responses to “How To Stop Eating”

  1. YorickReturns says:

    I managed to cure my pussy-eating addiction by just drinking pussy-juice
    instead. Thank you, Howcast!

  2. Angel Diamandis says:

    this doesn’t show you how to stop overeating. All it does is tells you to
    “go to a specialist to find out how to stop overeating.”

  3. Nopi Rove says:

    Damn, I thought it said “How to stop overreacting”. Lol oh well.

  4. tintin1244 says:


  5. Adolf Hitler says:

    Eat more slowly. Eat more vegetables and fruits, they help you stay full
    longer. Stay away from simple carbs like processed white flour and
    everything that’s made from it – eat whole grain products. They will also
    help you stay full longer. Reduce your sugar intake. Drink lots of water.
    Drink only water. No soda, no milkshakes, no nothing. Water. Do sports. I
    lost 70 lbs that way. There are no magic pills or amazing weight loss
    products. It’s about changing your lifestyle permanently.

  6. xoxlauraxox2 says:

    Drink a small glass of water in the morning when you wake up it can boost
    your metabolism by 24%

  7. cazqab says:

    Thanx Laura !

  8. 118Awesomeness says:

    Stop over eating… Nah thats alright.

  9. DarkNemesis258 says:

    What happened to the videos like “how to pick a lock”, “how to survive a
    zombie Apocalypse” or “how to turn to the dark side” i liked those.

  10. meow0meow7 says:

    If this video was a pile of crap, you’d need a ladder to get on top of it.

  11. nayelischoice says:

    i need to know how I can stop trying to eat all of the food on my plate!!

  12. Joanna Soh says:

    Please do go to my channel and watch a video on 10 scientific mind tricks
    to stop overeating and lose weight effortlessly. These methods have been
    proven to work!

  13. Sasha Mateo says:

    Fruits and more Fruits Dont over eat, your body is just asking for fuel!
    visit us at my hot secrets . com for all the right products to help you
    lose weight and gain that figure.

  14. Victoria Horan says:

    Honestly, what i do is take whatever portion of food you want, and cut it
    in half. save the other half, and eat the portion of food you have now. Its
    not restricting your eating habits, but its helping you not eat as much.
    also, drink two glasses of water half an hour before your meal so you dont
    feel as hungry as before. happy eating!

  15. Andrew Pearson says:

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  16. Sam5412 says:

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