How To Stop Emotional Eating

How To Stop Emotional Eating

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A woman with an insatiable appetite asks Jillian for help. Jillian recommends foods that fill you up and techniques to take your mind off of food.

Daily Dose with Jillian Michaels
Jillian Michaels: fitness expert, life coach, best-selling author and host of Everyday Health’s Daily Dose. Jillian along with her co-host, Janice Ungaro, discusses a range of topics, from exercise and nutrition to finding success in all aspects of life. It is a mix of one-on-one interviews and musings which leads viewers on a journey to unlock their fullest potential.

Jillian Michaels
Jillian is one of the leading health and wellness experts in the country. She contributes to and is a New York Times best-selling author. She was the trainer and life coach on The Biggest Loser for six years and Losing it with Jillian (NBC) and she has released numerous exercise DVDs. Personalized diet and fitness plans by Jillian are available through which syncs seamlessly to her mobile application published by Everyday Health. Her mobile app is available on iTunes and receives a 4 star rating. Jillian has a long-standing relationship with Everyday Health, which launched her website,, in 1996.

Jillian Michaels
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Janice Ungaro

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STOP Emotional Eating ⎢Daily Dose With Jillian Michaels | Everyday Health

25 Responses to “How To Stop Emotional Eating”

  1. James Reyes says:

    She’s one amazing lady.

  2. tiffany woolfrey says:

    I couldn’t have watched this at a better time!!!

  3. NickHimSeIf says:

    I have this problem.

  4. rogerskimberlyg444 says:

    I have the Stress eating or the Emotional eating. Thank God I do not have
    the chips, ice cream, TV dinners, pop or the fast food anymore. I can tell
    a difference to.

  5. Chintha Danansooriya says:

    wow i love this show good job guys

  6. onthinice766 says:

    insatiable appetite? a bag of chips?

  7. cheetahprint100 says:

    jilian is hot!

  8. Iwannadancerightnow says:

    “I don’t know why I do it, or just years of being single, I don’t know what
    it is. so..I want you to sit, yeeeaaarrsss oof thaat.” hahah, made me laugh!

  9. Tabatha Reece says:

    when Janice talks about chips I swear I lose it she is soooo funny

  10. Kelley Cabral says:

    Pop-chips are the Best!!

  11. polarbyrd23 says:

    i LOVE you two ladies. It’s so hard for me to stay motivated on a day to
    day basis, but whenever im at work cranking out jobs i play you through my
    headphones and you keep me super motivated. keep it up. xo.

  12. Lissa Fuerza says:

    Jillian Michaels is like the source of ALL my fitness knowledge, what the
    hell would I do without her.

  13. Elisha0817 says:

    I totally agree with you. I would be lost without her!!

  14. MusicForeverGirl55 says:

    eating jellybeans while watching this…

  15. thetruthismyopinion says:

    Lmao. They’re the perfect balance of how a fitness person thinks and an
    average living person thinks.

  16. sunmaidliz says:

    I’m only watching this video right now because I want to eat some pie

  17. fabiola Hittler says:

    i love when jillian says ,,,HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!!!!

  18. godlessnation says:

    thats really sad…she only presents her one side…there is her side and
    then the truth…

  19. victoria k says:

    “umm ..uh ..yeah so I have this problem of diving into a bag of chips, and
    just zoning out and not stopping ….ummm no I don’t have a weight
    problem…and I’m currently training for a marathon…” So what’s your
    problem again??? What a dumb ass.

  20. Danielle Harder says:

    lol im eating a bunch of cheese

  21. mick singham says:

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  22. 1GiiirlWithAttitude says:

    Love uuuu :)

  23. gopi krishna says:

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  24. I'm Sarah says:

    Jillian and Janice have their own show on iHeartRadio :)

  25. PFBCheaterReporter says:

    Yo yo… Nice clip. My younger brother was once a fatty. He enhanced his
    body from 284 lbs of pure fat into 216lbs of real lean muscle. Everyone was
    in shock. I just joined personally coz I wanna beef up. He made use of the
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