How To Stop Overeating

How To Stop Overeating

Check out this video: How to stop Over-Eating! | Diet Talk

This video is for those of you who keep trying to get on the healthy eating bandwagon but fall at the first hurdle and cave after a day or two and just can’t stop eating. We’ve all been there, don’t panic! Hope this helps you out in some way, leave any questions or questions below!

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Onna x

25 Responses to “How To Stop Overeating”

  1. Onna B says:

    You are right in the sense that your stomach cannot shrink to the extend it
    would with a gastric band, but when pushed to accommodate excessive amounts
    of food on a regular basis your stomach size does increase and your stomach
    will shrink back to its normal healthy size when these portions are
    reduced. x

  2. Amy Victoria says:

    Could you do a video one what you eat every day/healthy meal ideas? x

  3. Onna B says:

    I already have videos on what I eat for snacks and breakfast, but I don’t
    have any set plan for dinners and lunches x

  4. Onna B says:

    Ahh that is amazing! Well done, I’m so happy to hear that! x

  5. Onna B says:

    you are welcome :)

  6. Onna B says:

    thank you <3 that is so sweet, you guy are all so lovely to me! x

  7. SR2ify says:

    thanks for this vid great advice, i want to stop drinking diet pepsi i am
    unbelievably addicted i keep failing ive tried cutting down gradually but
    it never works im thinking about trying to go cold turkey but then alot of
    stressful things happen or then i wonder is it that im looking for excuses
    not to stop drinking it would you have any advice to help me with this

  8. Greenish Pinky says:

    that’s great . I am on the same way .

  9. Greenish Pinky says:

    its helpful. in my case I have cut 70% sugar even chocolate too. and I feel
    to much weakness, but I am not loosing weight. I am still struggling with
    it. I wish this week plan help me. great video indeed.

  10. smainalicious says:

    You motivated me to start to work out, you are such an inspiration, thank
    you so much! <3

  11. Onna B says:

    you are welcome, I’m glad these videos help :)

  12. Carly Rowena says:

    Great video – hurry up and get your butt down here, miss you! xxx

  13. Grace Schonfeld says:

    your eyes are absolutely beautiful!!

  14. Shelvy kurwan gow says:

    Thank you for this videooooooo

  15. Onna B says:

    thank you! x

  16. Onna B says:

    miss you too, why do we have to live so far away! x

  17. Mela Niie says:

    Excellent advice :) I recovered from pretty severe binge eating disorder &
    have so many tips on this…totally going to do a video series on it but
    I’m nervous about starting haha I’ve SO much to say! It developed AFTER I
    lost 50lbs, so weird, and lasted for a year…it has been gone for a couple
    of years now and I finally eat like a normal person & food is a non-issue I
    can just enjoy it <3 You look really beautiful here! Your skin and eyes
    ahh! xxx

  18. samina aurangzeb says:

    I get withdrawal symptoms if I stop eating sugar, you know what I do? Eat a
    packet of biscuits to satisfy my needs, which is not very bright..
    Thankyou!! Gonna start eating healthily..

  19. Onna B says:

    hope this works for you! x

  20. Onna B says:

    well done on your recovery, glad you are happy now x

  21. Keek Xiong says:

    N lauj noog Hawj

  22. Ashley Manon says:


  23. Eva love says:

    I keep Some rice cakes in my room not the really healthy kind but the
    flavored the cheese and the chocolate ones and whenever I need something
    sweet or salty I eat those

  24. lexy monique says:

    Your so pretty !(: Thankyou for the advice I’m going to try this

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