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21 Responses to “more info”

  1. L Santi says:

    How much did you weigh after the 4-5 months?

  2. Scar Harrison says:

    Wow sexy

  3. M Foster says:

    i would eat your asshole

  4. Smileypaca says:

    Hello I am french so sorry for my bad english, you have juste stop to drink alcohol and drink a lot of water? have you change something you eat?? thanks for this video kisses ^^

  5. johnwalljw2 says:

    Not much info but honest


    I’m in a tight spot damn it. I always avoid water…. so how many litres is 15 ounces of water?

  7. sneezie22 says:

    Very sexy and beautiful in the after diet segment

  8. Lokitaa dz says:

    i looooooove your body!

  9. Siji Sona says:

    pls give the link of your programme..i want to ose my weight fast..

  10. TouchOfVanessaNess says:

    the link in the description bar is where you can purchase the diet. and if you go to my recent videos on my channel joining the 90 day challenge with free coaching would be amazing to have you on my team :) have to join vip list

  11. Shirley Lake says:

    love this woman! she is so strong and holds such a good head on her shoulders. she also seems really smart SLIMBODY.US

  12. PURELOVECREW says:

    Good for you Lady. You look great.

  13. Justina Gordon says:

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  14. TouchOfVanessaNess says:

    i changed my eating habits after cutting out alcohol. :)

  15. TouchOfVanessaNess says:

    i weighed 126

  16. TouchOfVanessaNess says:

    I’m saying i didn’t work out during the weight loss process but after i had lost weight I began to exercise. i’m not saying exercise isn’t important or not needed. however, i believe that its 85% diet and 15% exercise.

  17. Janice Douglass says:

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  18. Tomco Dostoevski says:

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  19. Oneida Orduna says:

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  20. Johnetta Ashman says:

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  21. Lenore Dumont says:

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