eating too much

eating too much

Check out this video: “Big Bill” Kicked Out Of All-You-Can-Eat Restaurant For Eating Too Much

A Milwaukee, Wisconsin-area man known as “Big Bill” who was asked to leave an “all-you-can-eat” restaurant for eating too much fried fish is now protesting the restaurant. Is he right? Tell us what you think in the comment section below whether the restaurant should be allowed to kick him out is he right this is “false advertising”.

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25 Responses to “eating too much”

  1. joey Galileo Hotto says:

    They should charge each person 5 additional bucks for those who have a BMI over 30

  2. MistaFrz says:

    They should just give him a 1 year subscription then the restaurant can make more money from him and he can eat whatever he wants

  3. Kel Tomlin says:


  4. ghostyman666 says:

    We also live in a world where fat people tell other fat people how to get slim.

  5. kvnd7331 says:

    if they made their food extra greasy and gave him free meals for a few months it would kill him off and they wouldn’t have to worry about him anymore

  6. Slick Roadrunna says:


  7. torca1950ancola says:

    The Simpsons did it,the Simpsons did it,the Simpsons did it,the Simpsons did it,the Simpsons did it,the Simpsons did it,the Simpsons did it,the Simpsons did it.

  8. 420thugsta says:

    HE’S AMURICAN!!!!!

  9. titsmcgritscocobits says:

    All you can eat is all you can eat. Sometimes i go to chinese buffet after smoking some killer weed and have up to 6 plates always leaving the surprise old/cold food to waste. Don’t know how long its been sitting out until i try to eat it. I’m cool though and leave nice tip if I’m especially wasteful or generally AMURICAN. I’m sure the manager loaths me but they never give me shit about it. Where was i going with this….im hungry.

  10. Rolling Rolling Rolling says:

    Lol, I always cracked jokes about this but I never would imagine it would be real. Reality suprises me sometimes

  11. Leah Rose says:

    Twenty Pieces of fish!!!!!! I can eat maybe two pieces if I’m really hungry!

  12. Tim Giangiobbe says:

    FUCKING pig

  13. WhiteWater InTheMorning says:

    why? if ‘skinny man’ calls ‘fat man’ fat..he’s an ‘insensitive prick’.
    ‘fat man’ calls ‘fat man’ fat..its a mutual understanding….and is funny.
    Black Guy: “shiii, nigga you don know wha’you ta’bou.”
    Other Black Guy:  “you shouldn’t be able to call me a nigga.”

    Gay Guy: “as one gay guy to another..blah blah blah..”
    Other Gay Guy: “you shouldn’t be able to call me gay”

    Fat Ass: “hey.. fat ass…”
    Other Fat Ass: …”huh?”
    ……………………………….que laughter

  14. jimjames, paul and tyrone says:

    its funny because they’re fat.

  15. brandon kaye says:

    Fat people are not only cleaning out the buffets, they’re costing us incredible amount of money on health care.

  16. Rebecca Sawn says:


  17. AdmiralBetas says:

    You know it’s bad when real life starts to rip off the Simpsons.

    “Does this sound like a man who had ‘all he could eat’?”

  18. lilbeaveymac says:

    many judges have ruled that as long as you are eating everything thats on your plate you can stay……

  19. morrius07 says:

    finally a man who loves food as much as me! I can’t wait till no one is skinny and fat people rule the world!

  20. JenniferN1974 says:

    He is rediculas. Loser

  21. leetylr says:

    He maybe a fat ass but you must admire his stamina hehe makes me think of the episode of the Simpsons Season 4, Episode 8 when homer gets thrown out of the Frying dutchmens all you can eat and sues hehe

  22. Chris Fox says:

    Only in Wisco

  23. Caroline Nguyen says:

    They should have throttled the size of the fish they served him, like the mobile companies do!

  24. jonahtang says:

    Your second argument makes no sense at all. Whatever food he doesn’t eat isn’t going to fucking Africa and just because he lives in America or any country with high standards of living doesn’t mean he is obligated to have to live like them to make things seem more fair. And your last statement refers to everyone on the internet or countries with high standards of living Everything you own comes from exploiting third world countries so stop bitching about other people.

  25. finn6861 says:

    Disagree-If that is what they mean the sign should say”All you can reasonably eat”-Reasonably has different meanings to different people-Obviously this man is saying he can reasonably eat more than 21 pieces of fish-Price for “all u can eat” is usually more than a single serving entre-They took his money for all he could eat-He was in the right-regardless of his weight-They should state a limit for the price they charge if they impose a limit.

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