emotional eating

emotional eating

Check out this video: Girl Therapy: Emotional Eating/Overeating

Hi! This video is about emotional eating, causes and solutions. It’s also my longest video but I think the info is important! Emotional eating is something that a lot of us deal with, myself included, so here are my solutions! I hope you find this video helpful.

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Why we overeat:
1. The Chemical Reason
-We eat carbohydrates for serotonin, the happy chemical
-Whole foods bring us serotonin better than processed foods, which can encourage overeating
-I recommend getting serotonin in a sustainable way by eating protein with a small amount of carbs

2. Distraction From Reality
-This ties with the chemical reason, the serotonin distracts us from our problems
-On top of that, women are prone to overeating and our bodies are efficient with fat storage, and there may be biological reasons why

3. Stress and Fat are Buddies
-Our body’s natural response to stress is to secrete cortisol
-Cortisol stimulates fat production
-Fat production and storage is helpful when food is scarce

Please please please please please please don’t hate yourself for emotional eating.

Solution #1: Love
-Connect with people
-Cuddling brings out happy hormones
-Humans are social creatures, so try to reach out to others in times of need

Solution #2: Fight Chemicals with Chemicals
-On top of maintaining good connections, don’t avoid essential fatty acids
-Essential fats are important for brain health and regulation
-Extremely low fat diets may be stressing you out even more
-Your brain is composed mostly of fat, so feed it what it needs, in moderation of course!
-I take a supplement of fermented cod liver oil that is not damaged by heat

Solution #3: Recognize Triggers, and Talk to Yourself
-Reason with yourself
-Justify your actions
-Don’t fall into denial
-Let loose if you feel like it will help, I like to try to keep it limited to social situations
-I try to avoid the ice cream bucket and television combination

Solution #4: Just Be Happy
-Store happiness, not fat and negativity
-Remember you’re beautiful
-Remember happy people are regulated people
-Reflect on your life and who you want to be

Love and light,

25 Responses to “emotional eating”

  1. freakingyouification says:

    Do you think you could make a video, if you get a chance, of a way to mediate that works for you and a few of the basics for the newbies xD

  2. LiveForTheLols says:

    Just subscribed after watching this video, I respect absolutely everything you said and you are so beautiful!:) xxx

  3. MyFiveSeconds says:

    emotional undereating is just as real as emotional overeating, sorry, but there’s little difference… I want to be beautiful and healthy ultimately, but in some days, just like you said with emotional crap-food eating, I will still struggle with getting in enough food, even if I eat only natural and healthy, which I do about 95% of the time.

  4. CloudyApples says:

    The commenter asked about “girls who are under-eating because they are afraid of getting fat”, so my response was based on that situation. I never denied the existence of emotional under-eating.

  5. Meghan Jones says:

    Finally a video about this with someone my age that I feel truly understands me and dos dactyl what I do. Feeling a little better

  6. Meghan Jones says:

    * does exactly what I do.

  7. MyFiveSeconds says:

    I understand, I just commented because what caught my eye in the comment above was the word “afraid”, but I think we’re both right, because while in some people this is actual anxiety, in others it’s shallowness.

  8. oneofakind8D says:

    I’m sitting here watching this while eating Oreos.

  9. Nadiah Rafi says:

    It’s actually not the body that saying I want more and more, it’s the mind… Your body wants healthy food

  10. Feline says:

    You are an interesting and inspiring person! Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I’m also interested in healthy eating. But… more I read the more confused I get… There are so many theories and different studies. Ones say that raw foods are the best, others advocate Paleo as a much more reasonable diet and etc. I prefer moderation, so my philosophy is similar to yours. It would be great if you could share your sources, which articles you read and trust. x

  11. LoveSeaNights says:

    I’m so glad this video exists! And you ((:

  12. VeryNiceProject VNP says:

    Cassie, I just wanna say THANKS for making this, your channel, a better place to watch, so happy that girls like you are making this kind of things in networks, and more all of this issues, THANKS A LOT!

  13. SHEISVOGUE says:

    Hi can you make a video in healthy foods to eat throughout the day?

  14. Emma Smith says:

    Pizza isnt very proccessed!

  15. jackie montero says:

     can u eat a piece of chocolate once in a while ????

  16. Bessie Zhang says:

    great video! …. the hi at the beginning scared me thou…..

  17. שחף שביט says:

    5:08 omg i love her!

  18. yesenia vasquez says:

    I’ve said it before but ill say it again, you are awesome!<3 ILY(:

  19. yesenia vasquez says:

    I love how smart you are! (:

  20. Lik Sang Law says:

    I started overeating when i was in yr 9. I was very aware of what people thought of me and i constantly obssessed over what ppl said and over analyse. I dont eat unhealthy food. But i overeat the healthy food making it unhealthy.

  21. PerkyVelociraptor says:

    I still find it nice to have a treat on a bad day, and I find a good compromise is to eat a sweet that’s also a bit healthier/less refined sugars. I sometimes go to a local organic bakery that uses coconut flour in their cupcakes and agave to sweeten. It’s like homemade cupcakes, so while there’s still a decent amount of calories, eating one cupcake won’t hurt. I’ve also found that after eating really healthy but yummy foods for a while, fast food doesn’t taste as good to me.

  22. Jahid Tanjil says:

    It’s not essential to be adolescent to experience break-outs. My own slightly older sibling had acne as much as his boy. The two were able to treat themselves right after they stumbled upon the Acne Executioner (Google it). The majority of people aren’t going to be as lucky as them.

  23. Allie Martineau says:

    You are such an inspiration

  24. Caѕѕie Lovell says:

    i love this <3 so inspiring and uplifting!

  25. Terry Underwood says:

    of course, you can eat the bad things in moderation

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