i cant stop eating

i cant stop eating

Check out this video: The kids who can’t stop eating

Imagine never feeling full, constantly craving food and forever battling an appetite that can never be satisfied.

22 Responses to “i cant stop eating”

  1. SweetRick says:

    @All HATERS!!! Making fun of how fat she is is so disturbing!!! MAYBE YOU SHOULD CHECK UR OWN (FAT ASS) SIZE!!! STOP POSTING RUD COMMENTS PUSSIES!

  2. jonzgu17 says:

    then they dont feel like eating.. they are not hungry..Im not a doctor but its worth trying..

  3. zoe raymond says:

    That’s sad. I can’t imagine.

  4. dirtjumper512 says:

    Im hungry 24/7 its called self control

  5. AeroHeadVG says:

    Obviously if you eat anything as much as she does, you’re going to get fat.

  6. FIREYICEangel says:

    just restrict her food. DUH

  7. Greenday7492 says:

    What’s that music in the background at 2:59?

  8. Tropy Wooz says:

    Ikr. sadly I was 111 pounds in third grade.

  9. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) says:

    give her oat meal

  10. TELEFOON87 says:

    Good parents. Bless them for what they do.

  11. oburi says:

    they won’t reply to your comment so why bother?

  12. Jamel Walker says:

    Dirtjumper512 ur right but she is only 2 her parents are the ones who need self control

  13. Jam Ped says:

    If you have a double chin your fat

  14. Gregor Krause says:

    it’s really true that there are problems in the DNA.

  15. Anni B says:


  16. ColouredPixels says:

    you’ll never understand…until you go through it…and i hope you do, for your filthy uncouth language..

  17. croydonhills says:

    and different form of medication.

  18. hitmarker6 says:

    Can’t the kids exercise or just do nothin

  19. dare2eatcandy says:

    This really a horrible, dangerous, and expensive disease. I know what its like to have very sicks but never had to face an illness like this. I feel for the parents.

  20. Antonio Larouche says:

    This is retarded when ur that size u can give ur kid a controlled diet there n NOT BEBOWND and there ready to change if they wanna fight and kick there always hungry feed them plain oats talapia spinach and water. For weeks and just the feeling of emptiness would be replaced with energy and life! If there always hungry why feed them anything bad? Like shit what a joke

  21. potato owner says:

    but way less

  22. priit mölder says:

    Hoarding will make you fat, no matter what you eat. I feel sorry for people, who have this syndrome. These people need and deserve help. Not people, who eat to feel happy or for a porpoise in life.

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