night eating syndrome

night eating syndrome

Check out this video: Night eating syndrome and obesity

Interview with Jennifer Lundgren, Psychology, University of Missouri Kansas City
Directed by Paul Boisvert, PhD
Produced by the CIHR Obesity Research Chair

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  1. SamGuthrie1977 says:

    Take Magnesium! Magnesium supplementation cured my NES completely. I woke every night with carb cravings for over 15 years. Magnesium stopped it cold. Mg will prevent blood sugar levels from dropping after sleep onset, which triggers the waking and cravings. It also relaxes nerves and muscles to allow for more sound sleep. Use a chelated Magnesium Glycinate if you can find it. Magnesium Oxide will work, although it can be rough on the stomach.

  2. Stephitza says:

    I don’t feel this video conveys the degree of distress to which people with NES feel with regards to their eating patterns and its effect on weight and mood. At the end of the video, you sort of touch on the distress caused by weight gain associated with NES, but its not the most effective. You mention subjects’ fear of gaining weight… but I think it’s more complex. Not only is there anxiety, but also a great deal of embarrassment, shame, isolation, and self-hatred. I could go on…

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