stop binge eating

stop binge eating

Check out this video: How to Stop Binge Eating Series Part 1

Welcome to the first video in the How To Stop Binge eating series. Binge eating is one of the biggest challenges that people with an eating disorder have, and this series is designed to address every challenge and topic on binge eating disorder, as well as to create a solution based how to stop binge eating action plan.

This first video in the how to sop binge eating series looks at the main triggers for binge eating, how to identify them, learn from them and use them to help you with your binge eating recovery.

You can stop binge eating and full recovery from all eating disorders, including binge eating disorder IS possible.

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4 Responses to “stop binge eating”

  1. Pamela Poet says:

    Thank your enthusiasm,compassion and generosity. 

  2. Nina V says:

    It is my absolute pleasure! I hope you find this How to Stop Binge Eating Series helpful – I am covering all of the major challenges, but if there is anything else you want answered please ask in the comments!
    Love and freedom
    Nina x

  3. Nina V says:

    Thank you – I am glad you are able to relate to the triggers and challenges. If you can relate, then you will also be able to get to the SOLUTION and freedom from all eating disorders – stay on the path of recovery and away from anything triggering – including some YT videos… Love + freedom Nina xo

  4. Pamela Poet says:

    Hi Nina,

    I know that restricting can lead to binge eating, as can other more subtle recovery sabotage habits, such as counting calories. Do you have any tips for how to rewire a mind trained to tally without thought each calorie consumed?

    I appreciate the time these videos must “consume.” Thank you for the inspiration. You put the “passion” in compassion!


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