stop eating

stop eating

Check out this video: What Happens when you Stop Eating?

You know what starvation is, but do you know what it does to you? Hank walks you through the three major metabolic phases of starvation, from burning sugars to, basically, self-cannibalism.

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25 Responses to “stop eating”

  1. vastowen says:

    Please never talk like this.

  2. Tyler Watson says:

    are your glasses military issue?

  3. Annoth Kaillak says:

    Yes they can. Theres more fat to burn instead of important organs and such. I forget if it’s 300 or 400 lbs but once you weigh about that you can live a full YEAR w/o eating! Just dont that… it’s called anorexia for a reason.

  4. learnerlearns says:

    As always, an excellent report Hank!

    One important question:
    I was told by a doctor that starvation is (relatively) painless, since the body does not have enough chemicals to produce synaptic impulses; therefore nerves do not deliver pain signals to the brain.

    In your research, have you found any information about that?
    IS starvation truly “painless?”

  5. Dank Reject says:

    “Your body starts eating itself in a process of internal self-cannibalism”
    Wow, brilliant.

  6. Blakut says:

    That moemnt when you think who can take a can of cocaine :|

  7. Tracey Granter says:

    It’s a filter between your neural tissue and your circulatory system. Certain things like food can pass through but the membrane prevents many larger things getting through like toxin compounds, bacteria and similar nasties.
    That is what a neurotoxin is- a toxin that can pass the barrier and damage your brain.

  8. Tracey Granter says:

    Your body is constantly rearranging itself, moving around organs (like when you eat and your stomach gets bigger or fall pregnant) moving energy stores like fats about and much more.
    However it is also efficient. If you aren’t using something it will cut it out. No point keeping dead weight around that’s taking up valuable nutrients.
    Muscles use a lot of energy so if its not necessary for more movement than you are doing it will reduce the muscle mass.

  9. Casey S says:

    As someone recovered for an ED, I actually knew most of this. I do think it is important to point out that while your body can go without food, it cannot go without water.

  10. Joshua Stith says:

    I love the personification of all of the organs in this video!

  11. Shesana says:

    You just made this reheated pizza seem like a miracle.

  12. Snutih says:

    THere are cases of morbidly obese people who haven’t eaten for a whole YEAR and survived.
    They lost a lot of weight but this is not a healthy way to do it at all.

  13. Aaron Lycan says:

    They where probably drinking juices. You can die of dehydration much faster than you die of starvation. If you drink the nutrients your body need you will be fine, you just have to be careful since the those ‘juicing’ diets are typically very low calorie.

  14. Rain Sparks says:

    Fat people could probably last a year without food.

  15. Felhek Lehrian says:

    what happens when you stop loving?

  16. Waltham1892 says:

    After 48 hours: You start playing Halo in your mother’s basement.

    After 7 Days: You start making little costumes for your cat.

    After 3 weeks: You become a Republican.

  17. Felhek Lehrian says:


  18. appleintosh says:

    Of course they can. What do you think all that fat is? Its energy.

  19. appleintosh says:

    Of course they can. What do you think all that fat is? Its energy.

  20. JLConawayII says:

    I just ate a large Domino’s pizza topped with a box of Fruit Loops and drank a gallon of pepsi. Fuck you starvation! You aren’t making me eat myself!!

  21. akajambas says:

    He did forget to mention that the body does use muscle glycogen before and with fatty acid oxidation for fuel. You don’t enter fatty acid oxidation as quickly as he portrays (definitely not right after your meal’s calories are used up)

    This is why you see anorexics with no muscle mass, because usually the first energy source to go is within the muscles. Then after the body recognizes it cannot just take from muscle, it will begin to use fat as a primary source.

  22. Steven Walker says:

    An interesting and related fun fact: In 1965 a man weighing 456 lbs lasted 1 year 17 days living entirely off his own body fat, vitamins, and water for that time and lost 275 lbs.

  23. Mike Lakner says:

    Well done, now can you followup with a “Science Of Smart Weight-Loss” that talks about what is happening in us fat folk when we try different extreme diet styles/crazes?
    Not that I doubt some of the claims of these diets.

  24. immasmashyourface says:

    Here’s my diet, and I naturally do this. One meal a day, that’s it. Sit down eat as much as you want of whatever you want, but can’t eat again till tomorrow. When you work you’ll eat more. When you sit around and do nothing, you’ll eat less in that one meal. I’ve been in construction for ten years so I work hard. I’m strong and rarely get sick.

  25. taranova12 says:

    Hank, can you talk about computer science?

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