stress eating

stress eating

Check out this video: Stress Eating and the Consequences


Stress is part of our everyday lives. Dr. Elissa Epel, psychologist, describes the relationship between events of stress and how we choose to eat.

These reactions have a physiological basis, but there are strategies for becoming more resilient and acquiring useful skills to control behavior.

Peter Pressman, MD

About our Interviewee

Elissa Epel, PhD is Associate Professor in Residence, UCSF Department of Psychiatry

4 Responses to “stress eating”

  1. nagaempress says:

    @TheBrainfood Me too.

  2. MyLaura999 says:

    but what if your eating healthy whole foods and your stressed?

  3. MrSocrates7 says:

    She’s not talking in absolutes here but in terms of what is ‘typical’. If your eating healthy whole foods and your stressed then your a-typical (possibly because you’re level of mindfulness is higher than that of the majority of people). Namaste

  4. Jane Fielder says:

    Avoiding the “stress-eating habit” is a bit difficult. Comfort foods are just so irresistible. However, it is proper to workout the stress rather than eating it. Thanks for this video!

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