the end of overeating

the end of overeating

Check out this video: David A. Kessler – The End of Overeating: Taking Control of the Insatiable American Appetite

David A, Kessler, former commissioner of the US Food & Drug Administration, discusses his book, “The End of Overeating: Taking Control of the Insatiable American Appetite,” presented by Harvard Book Store. Kessler explains how the food industry manipulates the way we eat, why it is exceptionally difficult to resist certain foods, and why its so easy to overindulge. He also provides facts about how to better control eating habits. More lectures at

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  1. Gentilseulement says:

    Since he talked about pizza 10 minutes ago, I’ve been smelling and tasting pizza. I am definitively obsessed with food. 

  2. Gentilseulement says:

    I like it when he talked about the hell that food-obsessed people are going through and said, “I know that some of you have no idea what I’m talking about”. I guess he’s talking about those who for dinner eat a salad, and then a little yogurt, and claim they are full, and don’t eat anything else until supper time.

  3. Grateplainz says:

    Thanks Doc!

  4. Grateplainz says:

    Thats funny!! So true!!

  5. Liz Darianne says:

    I haven’t finished the video, but Im wondering if I could use this fat sugar and salt trick to eat better. Im REALLY addicted to junk food. My family buys so much of it, its unavoidable. I try to eat the healthy foods to see if I can will myself to NOT eat the junk food. Doesnt work. The healthy food pales in comparison to the taste, reward and satisfaction that junk food gives me. So WHAT IF I cook healthy food, with some fat, natural sugar, sea salt and herbs, and train myself to crave those?

  6. JCTV says:

    “sea” salt is still SALT. I am obese but working my ass off a pound or two a week. Changing my habits and lifestyle for good. Spark people is a great tool and the podcast I like is Fat 2 Fit Radio good sound principles for a new lifestyle for good. Not dieting>> Kessler has it all right, and explains why in this short video.

  7. Mel williams says:

    haha the worst thing is I can genuinely fill up on a salad, but I’m not satisfied… I feel anxious and begin to obsess….then I think a little chocolate wouldn’t be too bad…and BAM I’ve just eaten a pack of cookies, ice cream and crisps aswell as chocolate…

  8. Juan Tobar says:

    I work as a personal trainer . To put it bluntly this is the best book on nutrition I have and will ever read.

  9. Jill Schroeder says:

    Requiem for a Dream is brilliant at displaying visual sets of stimuli in addiction.

  10. Andriy Proshev says:

    Hi! I’m Matt.I did -20 lbs in two months.Open

  11. largraf says:

  12. largraf says:

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