types of eating disorders

types of eating disorders

Check out this video: 3 Types of Eating Disorders (Mental Health Guru)

As many as eleven million Americans suffer from some type of eating disorder. Learn more. http://mental.healthguru.com/

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  1. Yapiej says:

    I am bulimic and also at a healthy weight. The ED stereotypes are fucked up.

  2. Yapiej says:

    and you are a jerk.

  3. Hannah ZT says:

    i was just watching this because it has been a while since i watched this kind of thing since mines gotten worse. the ending there with the rehab tho.
    fuck you

  4. kerriekaterina says:

    Search SOCIAL JUSTICE PITCH-THE BUTTERFLY FOUNDATION in the youtube search bar and click on the first video. If you have a heart you will help raise awareness for this serious issue in todays society!

  5. METALLOVEx says:

    your fucking retarded for even thinking that, you need help

  6. npeacy says:

    how do you mean ?.people die from anoraxia.maybe you mean they are symptoms of other diseases ?

  7. KittyKattyYukiLvr says:

    Most bulimics are a healthy weight, I do hope you’re seeking treatment (I realize this is four months later!) and wish you the best of luck of getting well again if you are!

  8. TheMrmoonlight says:

    I had the opposite of anorexia, I had a distorted view of my body as being like a concentration camp survivor and would stuff my face with food and still anxious i haven’t had enough etc but I never hear anyone talk about it or it being spoken about along with other eating disorders. It was a psychotic episode aswell I had and went to the hospital but rather than get a psychiatrist they just treated me like i was wasting their time and sent me home, for all they knew I could have killed myself

  9. Hayley Reid says:

    Is this a type of disorder? During the week I only have one thing… over and over again, a chicken burger and maybe a few chips, no dinner, no breakfast, then on the weekends I binge and the cycle continues, I can see that i’m getting a lot thinner, answers anyone?

  10. colclasure12 says:

    Well, no one can really say that you have an eating disorder, i would go and see a doctor about it, and they may want to check your BMI. But if you feel you have an eating disorder talk to someone. You don’t need to be a certain weight to be beautiful! You are beautiful! I have anorexia, and the compulsive thoughts aren’t really ever going to go away. I learned that I am beautiful, and weight is only a number. Dont be so hard on yourself, if you need someone to talk to just message me :)

  11. sharon lozano says:

    u can see her niple at 0:20

  12. AbiDanz says:

    I’m no doctor, but it sounds like you may fall under the category of ED-NOS, as you have severe dietary restrictions, but also have aspects of BED, or Binge Eating Disorder.

  13. amanda smith says:

    so u mean sience i throw up every time i eat i cant have babies

  14. Bri says:

    What about Canadians? i’m Canadian and i have an eating disorder, Well i used too.

  15. missdramaqueen508 says:

    ok ednos is NOT just binge eating, It is anything mentally that causes a change in eating problems, like anxiety causing severe stomach aches that lead not not eating

  16. Natasha Martinez says:

    EDNOS - me

  17. Geesha Gehan says:

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  18. miranda gonzales says:

    i am 13 and i am 64 pounds i hate to eat i have a very bad eating disorder PLEASE GOD HELL ME …LMC IF U THINK THAT IS BAD

  19. Buttonz King says:

    wait, so since im 130 pds… and i dont eat means im anorexic? O.o

  20. EdResearch13 says:

    Hi Everyone, I am looking for Australian volunteers (females 14 years & older) with shape, weight and/or eating concerns to participate in an anonymous online survey (that takes approx 20-30mins) on eating habits and health service use. This survey is available until May 2013. Please email edresearch2013@gmail.com to receive the survey link. Your participation will also place you in the draw to win 1 of 5 dstore.com vouchers.Thank you!

  21. Sarah Moody says:

    I’m struggling with eating habits recently I’ve started calorie counting and have lost alot of weight and now weigh 105 pounds my mum says I have distorted body imagine as I see myself as fat is this an Eating disorder?

  22. Bri says:


  23. fuzzypeach459 says:

    Wen i waz little,a lot of the times i couldnt tell if i waz hungry or not.I used to hold my food in my mouth and if i tried to swallow,id gag.Ive been living like dis all my life.But now,i can eat a lot wifout gagging.Wen im in a good mood im constantly hungry but wen im sad,mad,overwhelmed,stressed,etc i start to starve myself,i dont want to,i just cant eat.Id just start gagging.Id throw up at that point but theres prob nothing to barf up cuz i prob didnt eat a lot since i starved myself. Help?

  24. Brittany Kennedy says:

    I starting being bulmic i only make myself thow up cuz im so fat ….. all i get called is fat so i started doing that…

  25. carlos alonso says:

    after eating for a while i get nauseas and i can’t eat anymore… help!

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