what are eating disorders

what are eating disorders

Check out this video: Most Common Eating Disorders | Eating Disorders

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Learn about the most common eating disorders in this Howcast video.

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  1. ruckasnucka20 says:

    And i thought the real howcast was back

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  4. epicfilmclips says:

    why do you make it so hard to understand, just say what it is and done e-e

  5. Angel Diamandis says:

    what happened to the old howcast? :(

  6. tiya thomas says:

    yes too much orderless n fashionable talkinf

  7. MooTheCowz says:

    @Ang3l4life93x It desinigrated.

  8. phantomelmisj says:

    I don’t feel. so I don’t care about my wieght

  9. xXLushxLiliaXx says:

    there also is BED Binge Eating Disorder where sometimes correct me if im wrong they dont eat and then binge alot or have abinge fore a couple day then stops and repeats but they eat allot

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  12. Ulas Sile says:

    Howcast : The Most Common Eating Disorders
    SOAD : Disorder , disorder , disooordeer !!

  13. BlackHairedBlonde says:

    Certain foods fill you up less. All of those things are just sugar and/or carbs. So they aren’t really going to make you full because they don’t really have much fiber, which is what fills you up best.

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