what is binge eating

what is binge eating

Check out this video: What is a BINGE Eating Disorder – Video #9

What is a Binge Eating Disorder – Video #9

This video is about the DSM definition and criteria of Binge eating disorder. I created this video to make sure that when I use the term Binge Eating Disorder you are clear about what it is I am talking about. Binge Eating Disorder is very similar to Bulimia Nervosa, but lacks one main characteristic. People with Binge Eating Disorder do not do anything after they have binged to “make up” for the binge. They do not purge, exercise, use laxatives, etc. following their binge. They do, however, still have the other characteristics of Bulimia. They eat more than a “normal” amount of food in a short period of time. The DSM says within two hours, but I do not like to give constraints to my clients, and usually want to know what a binge is to them, in their terms. As well as those suffering from Bulimia, a person with Binge Eating Disorder will feel completely out of control during the binge. As with every other eating disorder, a person with Binge Eating Disorder will be completely obsessed with her weight, shape and size for a majority of her day. I hope that helps to clarify what Binge Eating Disorder is as well as how difficult it can be for those suffering to stop their behaviors. I also want to note that I do not limit my clients to these specific criteria, however when trying to get insurance coverage, they ask that these are the criterion that be used. It is my hope that leveraging social media whether it is YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn can help me reach more people and spread the word about eating disorders and how destructive they can be to the people who suffer from them as well as those closest to them.

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  1. natalievmc972011 says:

    wow that’s like me :/

  2. Kati Morton says:

    Usually when you dive into the reason you have the ED it will get worse. I would encourage you to either be honest with your therapist or find someone else who can help you. It is hard to talk to someone who has no idea what it’s like to have an ED or how to help. Keep checking back! I will post helpful workbooks on my website soon..maybe that can help you in the meantime:)

  3. thedustwillsettle says:

    Thank you for making videos they’re informative and helpful :)
    sadly I believe I too might have an eating disorder, but I feel like i can’t have an eating disorder because I’m not underweight, if anything I need to lose weight. And I’m kind of ashamed to seek help because I feel like I won’t be taken seriously since like I said I’m not 90 pounds or look sickly. And another thing I don’t want my parents to know about what I’m going through… I don’t want them to worry :(

  4. Lizbeth zuzuki says:

    I need to stop.

  5. Kati Morton says:

    It can be hard to talk to your parents, but if you are seeing a therapist they can really help you with that. You do not have to be 90 pounds to be sick or need help!! They will take you seriously. I have treated many clients who suffer from an ED who don’t “look sickly” and it is just as important that they get help as anyone else. I am so glad you found my channel! Keep me posted on how you are doing. <3

  6. Kati Morton says:

    Well the first thing you can do is just notice what has gone on during your day to give you the urge to binge. That can begin to give us some insight into what emotions or situations cause the binges. That way we can work on tools to help you during those stressful times. Oh, and just so you know, usually we don’t give any numbers on here..like calories or weight. Just because it can be hard for others to read:) You know? Maybe start journaling to see where your stressful/binge area are. <3

  7. Kati Morton says:

    Keep me posted!!! I am so glad that you found my videos! :) I also have a website if you are interested in more blogs and info:)

  8. SingYouHome07 says:

    I would just like to say I agree.. not enough people recognize they have Binge Eating disorder. I have had binge eating disorder for 17 of my 23 years of life. I had no idea I had an eating disorder because i wouldnt purge or restrict for days. This is a real illness too.. I am currently in treatment.. and actually being picked up tomorrow to go inpatient for 30 days… I want make the world know that Binge eating disorder is just as serious as anorexia and bulimia.

  9. Kati Morton says:

    I am so glad that you are getting the treatment you need!! Good luck in inpatient. It can really change your life:) I am so proud of you!!! And yes, I agree, binge eating is just as serious. Keep me posted on how your treatment is going and if there is anything I can do to help. My website could be a resource to you as well:) xoxo

  10. SpreadUrWingsAndFlyQ says:

    I’m 13 and I’ve been binge eating since I was in 3rd grade. I haven’t told anyone because i’m too scared. I read about it in Seventeen magazine and I’ve been researching it, and I now realize I’m suffering from binge. I’m too scared to tell anyone, but I know I need to before it gets too bad.

  11. Kati Morton says:

    It can be really hard to reach out for support, but something that can help that is by just getting to see a therapist. You can tell your parents it is for depression or whatever you feel comfortable with…but that way you can have someone to talk to who can support you through it. I have a video about making your first appt. that could help you with that too:) I am really glad you found my channel!! Feel free to check out my website too and I have a free workbook on there:) xox

  12. MyRosie2007 says:

    I am 58 and have had BED my whole life-BUT there was no such idea long ago!!! This society didn’t focus on eating disorders like today. After 4 years in therapy, working through a variety of issues, my therapist and I now know I have BED. Why don’t people seek help for BED? Because we hear our whole lives that we just need to stop eating,stop being gluttons, use our willpower. So, how do we feel-like fat losers. I have spent my whole life fat, thin, fat, etc. and despising myself. Still do.

  13. Kati Morton says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience with this. This is one of the reasons that I started this channel and I hope that as we grow we can impact how people see EDs and most importantly, how they are treated. This definitely need to change!! <3

  14. PrincessKLS says:

    I basically have BED and all I ever hear is that I need to lose weight, it’s my fault, etc. I’ve tried dieting, etc, it doesn’t always help. I’m at my fattest weight now so it’s become worse of how people treat me. There’s such a fat prejudice out there. What do you think of the fat acceptance movement? Do you think it’s as bad as pro-ana and pro-mia sites and societies?

  15. Kati Morton says:

    That is a great question!! and to be honest, I believe in healthy mind and healthy body (obviously…haha!!) so whether you are fat, thin, or anywhere in between, as long as you are not using food as a way to cope with unwanted feelings, I think you are great just as you are:) To me it’s not about the actually weight but more about why we eat how we eat, and what we are not dealing with by doing it..if that makes sense <3

  16. debchander says:

    Hi I found ur channel a few weeks ago and i’m very confused because I think I hav got binge eating disorder but when I binge the day after I will starve myself so I don’t no if it is binge eating disorder and I’m so scared I’m only 16 and I don’t no how 2 tell my parents because we have been through so much as a family the past year that I don’t want 2 add 2 there worrys and I don’t think they will believe me because I am over weight I’m so confused:S

  17. Kati Morton says:

    Hey honey!! I am so glad that you found my channel!! To be honest, if you are starving or restricting afterwards to “make up” for the binge.. then I would actually say that you struggle with bulimia. Cause we can purge many ways.. whether through exercise, laxatives, restricting etc. I hope that helps honey! xoxo

  18. Megan Adams says:

    Hello Kati. I really appreciate your videos, you are so gentle and kind. I’ve been researching because I was recently diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. I stumbled upon this today. I am also a binge eater, something I don’t like to admit and is not well known because I do it when I’m alone, like I’m sure others do too. I downloaded your workbook and I look forward to implementing the tools you’ve provided. Thank you!

  19. Kati Morton says:

    Oh good honey!! I am so glad that you found my channel and got my workbook :) I hope it helps!! xoxo

  20. Royal T-rex says:

    I can exercise all day and at night raid the fridge. Since I lift weights, what I have ended up with is somewhat hulk with a tummy : / Can’t seem to get things to balance.

  21. SippinOnSweetTea says:

    Oh my goodness I’m so glad this is am actual thing. I feel the exact same way. How do I fix/stop it? Help please

  22. Jessica Gonzalez says:

    I feel it damaging my heart because I restrict between binges and I can’t afford therapy

  23. Lynne McLynne says:

    Great video! I went through CBT for BED earlier this year. Not 100% back in control, but getting there!
    I might be way off track, but could it be that there are more people suffering in silence with BED than other eating disorders? To me it seems more frowned upon or taboo to admit to eating too much as opposed to not eating enough? Just with the way that society/media view overweight people versus skinny people. I am not trivialising anything, it’s just my take on it!
    Thanks for the video :)

  24. Demi Riter says:

    I feel like I may fall under the EDNOS category. Not severely but I feel with depression and anxiety as well. I do not feel okay telling my family because we don’t talk about this stuff. I also used to self harm and I want to talk to a therapist but I can’t afford one, I’m 18 btw. Any suggestions to get confidential I expensive help from a professional?

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