symptoms of eating disorders

symptoms of eating disorders

Check out this video: **TRIGGER** How Do I Recognize Symptoms of An Eating Disorder?

BE AWARE: A sufferer DOES NOT need to appear underweight or even “average” to suffer ANY of these signs and symptoms. Many men and women with Eating Disorders appear NOT to be underweight… it does not mean they suffer less or are in any less danger. If you or someone you know may have an eating disorder, GET HELP NOW!!

Anorexia nervosa, bulimia, and overeating disorders can have numerous combinations of signs, symptoms and causes. Additionally, several other eating and body image disorders are closely related to anorexia and bulimia, including orthorexia, body dysmorphic disorder, and exercise addiction.

The most common eating disorders have different symptoms, but share common emotional triggers:

Anorexia (anorexia nervosa): a disease where the sufferer starves themselves because of the desire to maintain an unrealistic and unhealthy body image

The use of diet pills, laxatives, ipecac syrup (can cause immediate death!) or enemas.

Bulimia (bulimia nervosa): a disease that triggers the sufferer to consume very large amounts of food (binge), and then to rid themselves of excess calories (purge)

Binge-eating disorder (eating disorder not otherwise specified): a disease where the sufferer compulsively overeats, often thousands of calories in a short period, and frequently in secret.

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13 Responses to “symptoms of eating disorders”

  1. wickedgothchick says:

    Im in recovery,I had Bulimia….your words your videos are words of wisdom!

  2. Stephanie Rejminiak says:

    thats soo true, I’ve had bulimia for a while and nobody believes me because I look normal. my parents flat out caught me purging once and didn’t think anything of it because i am at a “healthy” weight

  3. wickedgothchick says:

    srejmini…get help in school or with your doctor ..its the worst when your parents and family dont believe you.

  4. shinelikethesun2011 says:

    Hi melissa! I have a friend that I can say has a small number of these symptoms but not many, she doesn’t care about what she looks like being 16 and never worn makeup her hair is really bad condition, but she never uses the toilets in school, she’s so under weight in scared to hug her! And she’s never stayed at anyone’s house but never giving a reason why :/ she’s now fainted twice in school, although she eats break and lunch I dunno what to do and it’s causing me extra stress in top of trying

  5. shinelikethesun2011 says:

    ..trying to cope with SH urges and counselling of my own, she doesn’t think she’s got anything wrong and doesn’t want help and I dunno what to do anymore

  6. vitaminsforbreakfast says:

    There is a subtype of Anorexia called Purging type. I think this is a better name for what you had. Bulimia implies binging.

  7. Nicole S says:

    tried purging before but didnt work out. for some time my friend and i would help eachother watch what we ate. we would compare what we ate for dinner then at school only eat one meal or a small snack, pushed lots of people away, skipped meals a lot(still do at times), theres lots of days where i think back to when i was in dance when i super skinny. id tell friends i just ate recently so im not hungry. hate looking in the mirror and weighing myself daily.

  8. Molly Bossart says:

    I tryed a lot of time to throw up and tryed anything but I couldn’t i eat a lot of food so I weigh my self every day and wishing that I could throw up . Even if I don’t throw up could I have an eating disorder?

  9. Molly Bossart says:

    I try anything to throw up but couldn’t I eat a lot of foodwightigh myself after I eat and feel bad all the time if I gain weight and thing of throwing up but I can’t I just gag any ways I want to know if I can still have an eating disorder ?

  10. unclealand says:

    You’re lucky, kid. Some people don’t have enough money to feed themselves, let alone throw up good food.

  11. iTzFelixx says:

    Alot of folks think i suffer from anorexia just because i`m 16 and weigh only 110 pounds doesnt mean i have an eating disorder anyhow thanks for the video it helped

  12. thatgirthatskates says:

    Can you have an eating disorder where you don’t purge? Because I have never purged before, but I just don’t eat. I can’t finish a meal because I always feel full :/ It’s weird and I don’t know if I have an eating disorder or not :/

  13. anointed2wait says:

    I never looked sickly/skeleton-like, just slim but I know that there was a problem of how I viewed myself as well as how I view food. Thanks for the video!

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